Oct 31st, 2022 | Money Podcast

SHOULD A BOYFRIEND PAY HIS GIRL'S MEDICAL AND CREDIT CARD DEBT? His girlfriend owes over $200,000 in medical and credit-card debt. Should he pitch in and help?

From The Moneyist: ‘My girlfriend owes $200,000 in medical and credit-card debt’: She wants me to settle it — by paying a portion of the outstanding amount



Submitted by Liberation95 on

I was waiting to hear about this as soon as I saw the topic! Had an ex that told me numerous times she was in credit card debt for her Mother's surgery. In fact she told me that her sister's husband had paid off her portion of the debt. But apparently I was so oblivious at her motives that I just gave her some advice at systematically paying off her credit card debt, lol! Pretty sure she was hinting at me paying if off but I inadvertently knocked out her attempt. Funny thing is, a year before she blew money on going to Japan. She should have been using the money to pay off the credit cards, not hoping I would pay if off!

Submitted by 01_diego on

What a simp

Submitted by gokusan on

no he shouldn't and he should dump that bitch too ;)