Oct 13th, 2020 | Money Podcast

HERE WE GO! The weather is starting to turn colder and wetter in those parts of the country where October signals the path to winter and more COVID infections. Election Day is drawing near. And though the stock market is on a dead cat bounce, it's time to prepare for the hard times ahead. What do we need to do right now?

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Submitted by Vic Dog on

I lost 2 jobs due to covid -19 this year (boo hoo me :) I received unemployment and got a nice chunk back. First thing I did is pay my credit card debt down to $0! no messing around. Thank you Tom. Now saving some money. I'm glad I listened to you and not follow what others are doing by charging up their debt during this pandemic!

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

Good for YOU, Vic!

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