May 18th, 2020 | Money Podcast

COVID-19: A GOOD CHANCE TO GET OUR ACTS TOGETHER Judging from social media, during this pandemic, we're getting reacquainted with our pets, sharpening our cooking and baking skills, and having Zoom get togethers with friends and relatives we forgot long ago. But what are we doing about our spending and savings habits?

This is the cookie that Tom talks about in this episode. Made from scratch with limited sweetness, organic cocoa powder, and whole grain whole wheat flour.



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Another great episode Tom. Any chance you can share that recipe for those cookies?

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This is what we're about to repeat in the markets --

See the far left? Big drop, then a sucker rally (We are at this point) and then a multi-year grind down.

You do NOT want to be "Dollar Cost Averaging" into this shit, unless multiple years of losses are your thing. And dividends? Oh lordy, those are going to get decimated as corporate balance sheets get soaked in red ink.

Big deal on the horizon is corporate credit, you're going to hear a lot about "CLOs" and how they're "non-performing" which is financial speak for "they're fucked."

You can try to ride it out in Gold (not the GLD ETF, goddammit) and perhaps later in commodities once they turn around from the deflationary shock that is coming. Oh, and negative rates are coming too - you won't be able to get a loan with those rates, but its going to absolutely wreck savers.

Be sure to thank China.

During the Pearl Harbor attack, we lost one sunday. Now with this attack, we've lost 17+ sundays, and a fuckload more people than most wars.

Time to get angry, write your representatives about enacting laws that stop money flowing into their coffers, and investigations into assets held in the USA by CCP members. They don't deserve those luxury properties and companies while we're getting completely fucked due to their disregard for human life.

Fun fact, did you know that Chinese listed companies in the USA don't have to follow the same audit standards to be traded? That they don't pay any taxes? Yeah, we're getting screwed, big time.

Get off your asses.