Nov 11th, 2019 | Money Podcast

ARE YOU READY FOR THE 2020 RECESSION? Time to get ready! Tom to the rescue with a list of tips and tricks to cut costs and get ready for the upcoming sluggish economy...whenever it gets here!

Here's the Wall Street Journal article that started it all.

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Submitted by alexgoncharov on

Thanks Tom for always bringing things down to the fundamentals.

Submitted by SyntaxErrorz on

Hey, Tom!

I am so glad I stumbled upon you on 97.1 FM 11 years ago when I was only 18. It couldn't have been at a better time. I was still a naive point dexter raised by a single mom who failed to instill in me the confidence that I was good enough. As I listened to your opinions and advice, buried very deep inside of me I could sense that I agreed but my social conditioning made me feel guilty for it. Things such as taking care of myself first over my mom and sister, or entertaining the idea that maybe women are not that innocent and would trade you for a better deal, felt wrong to me at the time.

Of course, I wasn't perfect right out the gate even though I listened to you a lot. I did what you say most do saying things such as: "I will be the exception.. It just didn't work out for Tom. I can meet a good woman..." blah blah. I spent my early 20s dealing with an emotional wreck of a woman who hurt me and so I came back to your teachings. Also delved into the pickup artist community in my mid 20s to complement what I would learn from you. Strayed off the path twice more and again got burned.

Anyways, don't want to keep boring you with all this. Just wanted to say thanks for all the guidance you have provided me throughout the years. You have been the father figure I never had and now at 29 years old I have fully embraced the mindset that I will not be getting married or having kids. It brings no benefit to my life and I am enjoying progressing through my career while being able to meet and date new women all the time. How crazy to think I wanted to settle with just one!

I'll be listening as long as you are putting out content. Thanks, Tom!

Submitted by padres74 on

You convinced me professor to prepare for it. My aggressive stock portfolio moves to conservative. Worked too hard to lose my nest egg. Costco, Consumer Reports, a certified economical vehicle and dropping Wells Fargo to my Las Vegas, NM bank are all in my plan. Thanks Tom!

Submitted by Kelvinator on

I bought a toyota tacoma mid sized truck and plan to drive it for the next 20 yrs. My last car... vw GTI I kept running for 20 yrs... Can't go wrong with a toyota. They hold their value extremely well.

No wife, no kids, no problems...

Submitted by on

Federal Reserve lowered interest rates; I think housing is going to get more expensive, I think stock market is going up to 30,000 or even 40,000. I think the next recession will be hyper inflationary. Many corporation are selling bonds to buyback stock so the CEO's get their bonus. Treasury stock (corporate owned stock) will not cause a crash. Please understand that fundamentals of the stock market are changing, the shares outstanding at many companies is going down increasing the EPS (decrease the denominator).

Just a bought a phone 6 months back, 200 dollars samsung phone. Cheap but I have no intention on reselling my phone. Am holding onto it for 3-4 years until it breaks.

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Lower interest rates makes bonds less attractive and you see the crazy yields on government bonds and corporate bonds right now. Crazy times 2019.