Sep 17th, 2019 | Money Podcast

ARE YOU CONSIDERED "UPPER CLASS"? The numbers are in. In this episode, Tom talks about what it takes to be considered "upper class" and what it'll take for you to get there!

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Submitted by TallTim on

Plenty of independent dudes are working minimal jobs and making just enough to get by. They have more freedom and the demands in their workplace are low. This follows the trend that men are "checking out" of the woman-driven society that we live in.

Plenty of women complain (as if they'd ever stop) about younger guys that have "no ambition" or just "play games all day". Its easy to see why, because society doesn't offer any incentive other than cash for working harder. And since men are experts at avoiding unnecessary work, why even bother?

Just a natural consequence of women trying to push men to the sidelines. Yeah, you "go girl" and "slaaaaaaay queen slaaaaaay" while all the dudes out there conserve their resources and don't give women any -- except a few one night stands, that is.

Women made their bed, now they get to lie in it - mostly alone, with their box wine and cats.