Mar 28th, 2019 | Money Podcast

YOUR MONEY EMAILS What do you do when you've paid off your last credit card? Is a 401(k) a good idea for you? Can you get a guaranteed return on stocks? What do you do when an employee in your office is flirting with you? And much more.

Here's an article Tom used to prepare for this episode. How much of a return can you expect from the stock market every year? Could be much less than you think!

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Submitted by TallTim on

You're absolutely right there's no guarantee. Just talking from prior experience where I took a risk and was rewarded above the usual 5 - 7% the market generates.

Should be interesting with the yield curve inversion, that recession signal hasn't been wrong in its entire existence. I think we're going to roll over pretty hard within the coming year into next.

Keep it coming Tom, and I see the front page images are functioning again. Nice.

Submitted by Romaggio on

Great advice and important reminders Tom!

Submitted by Masters on

Tom, could you please do a money show addressing the coming market crash? You gave some really great advice back in 2008 when you had terrestrial radio and it saved me a fucking mint and actually helped me take advantage of a number of opportunities.Any advice on additional books, videos to read and watch to educate ourselves to make the most of this recession?