Mar 18th, 2019 | Money Podcast

A LISTENER'S INCREDIBLE MONEY SUCCESS STORY Hear an email from a longtime Leykis listener that lays out specifically how Tom's rules for your career and your success have worked for him. How did our young listener get to an annual income of $185K with an almost-paid off house? You need to hear this story and follow these steps to the letter!

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Submitted by techtwinkie on

PremiumTom subscription is worth millions, thanks Tom very inspiring and sharing this letter.

Submitted by unsolitary on

Hey, Tom, I haven't studied the show when you talked about paying with a Debit card. Ones I do, I probably (most likely) will follow your advice. I hope there are no updates to the law that I'm missing or anything. Thank you. P.S. Sorry, I meant to put this on the "IN The NEWS."