Jan 21st, 2019 | Money Podcast

MONEY Tom continues with recommendations for getting your money act together in 2019. Find out how a website can help you figure out your net worth, your spending habits, and how to get on a budget.  Also, Tom answers listener email questions including how to get a higher credit limit on your credit cards, whether it's a good time to invest in marijuana stocks, ETFs, whether it's a good idea to attend company events that encourage fraternizing with other employees in the #MeToo era, and more!

Click here to get a $20 Amazon gift card just for tracking your finances on the absolutely free Personal Capital website Tom describes in this episode.

Now that it's tax season, click here to find a Certified Public Accountant, as Tom explained on this episode.

Send Tom your money questions for a future episode: tom@blowmeuptom.com.



Submitted by bradleycsocal on

Hi Tom!!! I always listen to Money Monday and in a large part you are responsible for my 401k and Differed Income Fund increasing to $850,000. I have a question on Personal Capital, are you good with giving someone online all your personal information? bank,CC, 401k etc. It is kind of scary. But if you are good with it, so am I

Submitted by techtwinkie on

Tom thank you for all the excellent tips.

Submitted by deweydec on

Thanks for the advice Tom. I am now using Personal Capital and find it much better than Mint.

Submitted by Garceri93 on

If the app is free and they provide such great service, where do they get money to do it? Can I trust them with my personal information?