Leykis 101

Leykis 101

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE ALONE ON VALENTINE'S DAY Your Professor has a special message for those of you who've spent Valentine's Day alone, but have been having second thoughts. Do you feel lonely? Or badly? You need this message.

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BEWARE OF VALENTINE'S DAY Your Professor goes deep on why you need to lay low on Valentine's Day. And now, for the first time, Your Professor tells you how to finesse Valentine's Day if you've ignored his advice and moved in with or married someone.

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THE PRIMARY WAY TODAY'S WOMEN GET RICH Today's women are attending higher education at a higher rate than ever. Today's women are getting more advanced degrees than ever. Even more than men! How's that working out for everyone? Your Professor explains.

Here's the February 2019 New York Post article that started it all.

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BACK CHILD SUPPORT What should you do if you find out that your kid is not your kid? Try to collect back child support from the real father? This really happened to a reader of an advice column. Listen and find out how not to become THIS guy!

Here is the original advice column Tom talks about here.

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WHY MEN SHOULDN'T EVER PAY FOR A FIRST DATE It all started as a debate on Twitter between Your Professor and a woman in Austin, TX whose advice to men was, "If you want to go on a 2nd date with a girl pay for the first date" because "you have no idea how often I hear this complaint from my girlfriends." In this class, Your Professor tell you why this idea is all wrong based on some of his own personal experiences.

Here is the thread on Twitter that started it all.

Here is the book that ruined Tom's cruise.

Here is the article that showed the results of the scientific study on "foodie calls".

Here is Tom's previous interview with Dr. Brian Collisson, the Azusa Pacific University professor and co-author of the study on women who date men specifically to get that free meal.

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HE MOVED IN THE ADDICT GIRLFRIEND AND ANOTHER MAN'S BABY He's doing well with his career and with his investments. Now, he's asking Reddit if it's okay to insist that she sign a "cohabitation agreement" and he's getting hammered! You can only imagine what Your Professor thinks!

This story from the London Daily Mail lays it out for you.

Here is the original Reddit post.

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FORTUNE 500 CEO VIOLATES LEYKIS 101 TENET; GETS YANKED "Don't fish off the company pier" is one of the bedrock tenets of Leykis 101, going back to its beginnings in 1998. A Fortune 500 CEO learned this the hard way when he got fired for dating a subordinate. Hear how it happened and find out what this means for you at work!

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YOUR PROFESSOR ANSWERS LISTENER QUESTIONS Also, count the mistakes as a listener recounts his attempts at a relationship with a recovering drug addict and alcoholic... and ends up moving her in! An extra long episode!

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ONCE AGAIN, SCIENCE PROVES YOUR PROFESSOR HAS BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG You think that your girl "loves" you or that she thinks you're a "stud", and because of this, you're thinking about giving her what she wants: a wedding ring. But a recent study proves that your girl doesn't want to marry you because you're "so cute" or "such a great guy". She's looking for a different kind of compatibility that's anything but "romantic".

This is the story from which Tom reads during this episode.

Here are the details about the study Tom cites in this episode.

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SURVEY OF "SINGLE" AMERICANS: ARE WE NUTS? Match.com has released their 9th annual Single in America survey of some 50,000 unmarried Americans about their fears, hopes, and problems with dating. Yikes! Your Professor has a lot to say in this extra-long Leykis 101 classroom session.

Here are the results of Match.com's annual Singles in America survey.

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