Leykis 101

Leykis 101

TIME NOW TO BEGIN PREPARING FOR YOUR LEYKIS 101 HOLIDAYS Don't make the mistakes so many guys make as we head towards the end of the year. Your Professor explains.

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IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS, TOM DOESN'T WANT ANY PART OF THOSE Your Professor has seen it all: women with mental illnesses, drug and alcohol issues, violent tendencies, you name it. Are you in love with someone who could pull you into the quicksand with them?

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DOES YOUR GIRL TRY TO PRESSURE YOU INTO MAKING A COMMITMENT? Did you know that research shows that women are more depressed and less satisfied one year into a relationship than they were before it began?

Why Being in a Long-Term Relationship May Make Women More Depressed

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NOT HIS KIDS A Reddit user got married to his "high school sweetheart" and they quickly had two kids. THEN, he found out they weren't his, so he left. Now that the kids are reaching adulthood, they want a relationship. And money to go to college.

Here's the original post from Reddit.

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SHOULD WIVES BE ABLE TO STAY AT HOME WHILE HUSBANDS WORK? This contributor to Reddit's "Am I The Asshole?" page is confronting this question as his wedding approaches. Your Professor weighs in!

Man taken aback by fiancee’s ‘manipulative’ financial request: ‘Dude, I think you’ve been played’

Am I The Asshole for calling my fiancee lazy for wanting to be a stay-at-home wife?

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"PROVE YOU DIDN'T DO IT!" New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer have one thing in common. Something YOU shouldn't have in common with them. And it's not what you think.

5 Things to Know About the Cuomo Sexual Harassment Findings


Woman who claims baseball star Trevor Bauer assaulted her during sex shares unredacted photos of black eyes 'sustained during tryst' after his lawyer shared texts where she called encounter 'consensual'

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DON'T GET MARRIED, BUT HEED THIS ADVICE IF YOU INSIST ON DOING IT Leykis 101 students should know better. (Tom has already smoked out many students who were secretly married, or engaged, or who secretly have kids.) You're already breaking the biggest rule, so when you do, at least pay attention to these rules.

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HOT VAX SUMMER That's what they're calling it! In most cases, we've gone without sex for 16 months now. So everyone is threatening to go for broke this summer. Your Professor doesn't want you to forget the most important tenets of his curriculum. Take this episode wherever you go this summer!

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HER PROBLEMS ARE NOT YOUR PROBLEMS Many men who are getting fucked and sucked by a woman end up feeling obligated to help her with her various problems: financial, family, mental illness, PMS, other men's children, and more. Your Professor has some advice for you.

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IS IT WRONG TO SAY THAT WOMEN SHOULDN'T GAIN WEIGHT AFTER THEY GET MARRIED? That's what Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark said in a church sermon. He's now been put on leave. Also, should wealthy, divorcing singer Adele pay spousal support? Your Professor weighs in!

Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark's sermon before the 1st General Baptist Church in Malden, MO

Missouri pastor on leave after giving sermon berating wives who gained weight after marriage


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