Aug 6th, 2021 | Leykis 101

"PROVE YOU DIDN'T DO IT!" New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer have one thing in common. Something YOU shouldn't have in common with them. And it's not what you think.

5 Things to Know About the Cuomo Sexual Harassment Findings


Woman who claims baseball star Trevor Bauer assaulted her during sex shares unredacted photos of black eyes 'sustained during tryst' after his lawyer shared texts where she called encounter 'consensual'

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Submitted by UncleKenta on

I was working in SaaS as an SE, and witnessed a woman FALSELY accuse a co-worker of harassment. I had to work with her too! She was a lousy salesperson. Didn't know the first thing about IT. Who hires these morons? At the office, I always and very strictly behaved and practiced as Tom teaches, but I was mortified until she was gone. Fortunately, she got caught in her lies, and was fired, but man, it could have gone either way. Dios mio. My colleague ended up leaving over the matter anyway, he was so pissed he had to go thru that. We lost a damn good salesman who brought in a shit load of new logo revenue year after year. She ended up working retail at pottery barn. Lying cunt.

Submitted by Neal Adams on

Glad I had insomnia tonight and happened to hear you talking about this with Frank Morano on WABC. I know Frank's a big fan of yours as am I. Excellent interview.
(P.S.---loved the old Bwanna Johnny/WWDJ mention towards the end!)

Submitted by fopeano on

6:40 I thought you were closing on 'harass at a club, or bobo's clown room' but you made it so much simpler than that!

Submitted by fopeano on

If I make a comment, the page gets reset and you lose you place on the audio file. Good thing I had a timestamp in my last comment. Father, you should take a look into that issue.