Mar 15th, 2021 | Leykis 101

IS IT WRONG TO SAY THAT WOMEN SHOULDN'T GAIN WEIGHT AFTER THEY GET MARRIED? That's what Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark said in a church sermon. He's now been put on leave. Also, should wealthy, divorcing singer Adele pay spousal support? Your Professor weighs in!

Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark's sermon before the 1st General Baptist Church in Malden, MO

Missouri pastor on leave after giving sermon berating wives who gained weight after marriage


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I think the Pastor definitely listened to 101 in the past becau
se the classic quote about the "difference between a girlfriend and wife being 50 pounds" is lifted from many of the shows. That's okay, he's keeping some of the rules alive. Now he's on leave. Nuff said.

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I know too many folks where the dude gains weight after getting married and that's fucked up too. No one should be putting on the pounds, it's bad for your health. People wonder why health care costs so much in this country - well part of it is cause over 70% of Americans are overweight, which includes the 40% who are OBESE. Put down the big mac and go walk some miles. It affects all of us because the increased diabetes, heart disease and cancer rates are killing all of us in health care $$.

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I continue to lose weight and am keeping it off. Lost 35 pounds and got 20 more to go. Morbid obesity is disgusting, ugly, and unhealthy no matter what woke morons, Cosmopolitan Magazine or Dove Soap says. Keep it up brands, if your corporation stands for chubby chasing woke cancel culture, I ain't buyin'. lol Fuck 'em. It's like that George Carlin bit on 'euphemisms' has mutated into today's cancel culture cuntfest. Madness. I subscribe because I want the truth uncut and uncensored. And P1's got our moneys worth in this episode. Thanks Tom.

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Dang, I love the things this priest says! God s true spokesman :)

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Play/ Download function doesn't work. He was however right about most everything else ie: Long Hair, Stay Thin, Sex Anytime. He left out SHUTUP! If he had said that, he would have to do more than take a leave and get counseling. Counseling? For what? And by who? He spoke the truth, as I see it. The whole lot of them are simple minded, unsophisticated, individuals, who were never taught logic and critical thinking, two traits that should have been instilled by their fathers. Their fathers failed them, it is simple as that. Men who should have never propagated, who should never gotten married, soaked in religion. Men with no game that think "I better nail this person down." So they commit Matrimony. Those clowns get the obese, loud mouthed, ugly broads they deserve.

Adele I give not a fuck about her, her hubby, or her marriage. They have a child, a kid who is going to be immersed in a divorce and the associated sadness and uncertainty. They should have never reproduced.

As an aside, what is with Gov. Cuomo? A swarthy, Italian man with no game? What's that all about? He allegedly puts his hands on subordinates and says creepy things to them. He should have the most striking call girls delivered to him at his mansion, enjoy them, pay them and in the morning just go to work.

I got my second dose of the vaccine two weeks ago. Now I want a haircut. I resemble a 80's hairband member with white hair. Anybody remember the FLOWBE? Tom-----You are appreciated. John in Spokane.