Feb 2nd, 2021 | Leykis 101

WHERE WOULD YOU BE? Imagine if you hadn't wasted your money on women? On having babies? On buying a house or even pets you never wanted and couldn't afford? On responsibilities you now can't afford?

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Submitted by jimwalsh2001 on

...getting a Masters degree in business.

It hasn't done me a lick of good.

Submitted by jimwalsh2001 on

That should read $80,000

Submitted by TurquoiseTurtle on

Great podcast Tom. Your completely right, all of the benefits you get from women are in the beginning, then over time they start making demands and stamping their feet around like a bunch of little bitches.

BTW, not only is Albert Pujols paid a ridiculous amount of money to completely suck, his wife is hideous! He could have had any hottie from the Dominican Republic with his wealth and fame yet he chose that washed up old toad who did nothing but give him a child with Down syndrome.

Submitted by gigs1777 on

In the process of a breakup with my now ex and her 14 YO daughter. Its sad but too much baggage and drama. I know I will be happier in the long run.

Submitted by TurquoiseTurtle on

She has a kid by some other guy?

Ain’t nothing sad about it. Give her the boot and don’t look back.

Submitted by reaper69316 on

How do you even get 30 seconds into a conversation with a bitch that has a teenage daughter?