Apr 25th, 2020 | Leykis 101

LEYKIS 101 CORONAVIRUS EDITION Whether you are already unmarried by choice, stuck in quarantine with someone with whom you shouldn't have gotten stuck, or married to someone with whom you were already social distancing before this crisis, Your Professor is here with the advice you've been needing.

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Submitted by valmaral on

There’s an old Italian proverb that states: “Better to be by yourself than to be in bad company”.

Submitted by TallTim on

...when I read stories about people cooped up with their "love" and they are going crazy. Most times, the women they're with are all upset they can't get to their secret lover they're cheating on him with.

When the lockdowns end, you're going to see crazy high divorce rates, lol. I wish there was a futures contract for it, I'd load the fuck up.

Me? I'm doing great, FICO above 800 and zero debt. 80% of americans out there have nearly zero savings and any they did have is going to run out by the end of April. Funny how being prepared works out, eh?

Submitted by Kel on

Keep up the Cardio Tom...’together with the supplements and your excellent wealth management you should live a very long and productive Life!