Sep 16th, 2019 | Leykis 101

ONCE AGAIN, SCIENCE PROVES YOUR PROFESSOR HAS BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG You think that your girl "loves" you or that she thinks you're a "stud", and because of this, you're thinking about giving her what she wants: a wedding ring. But a recent study proves that your girl doesn't want to marry you because you're "so cute" or "such a great guy". She's looking for a different kind of compatibility that's anything but "romantic".

This is the story from which Tom reads during this episode.

Here are the details about the study Tom cites in this episode.

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Submitted by TallTim on

Its funny, because if marriage was about "love" like women say it is, then marriage rates would increase -- as living together is cheaper. But we know what is really going on. What amuses me is when these girls hit 30+ and guys don't give them the attention they used to, they go into "lockdown a chump" mode and try to find a guy that will pay the bills and take their abuse for some immobile starfish sex once a month.

Getting married has zero benefits, like you said Tom, "Why get married, motherfuckers?!" lol classic.

Submitted by ToddTheRod on

Lol.this gold material, and reality for too many men. It just isn't worth it any.ore men!

Submitted by misterdgc on

Oh how comforting to know that I was actually right about this all along! Years of being "Gaslighted" by them and media was taking its toll. Tom's logic is tonic for the soul... Let them smell that oh so fragrant freshly baked bread, collect your promotional sample aaaannnnd see ya, kissess, don't want to sign NUTHING, or get involved in that inevitable horror show of your life!! Yes Tom, thanks to you I have mental and financial harmony and tranquility in my life. Kudos again Tom.