Mar 25th, 2019 | Leykis 101

DO YOU EVER WISH YOU COULD FIND LOVE? Are you sad because you're living alone? More people are living unmarried than ever before. You're not pathetic. You're at the leading edge of a societal trend that Your Professor had been advocating for years! Listen and feel great about being ahead of the curve!

Click here and read the article to which Your Professor refers in this episode.



Submitted by gigs1777 on

I really don't get why people have kids. Don't get me wrong, I love kids but who want to pay those kind of expenses for 18-35 years only to have the person hate you? Most people can't afford the kids they have anyway.

Love has become too expensive.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

I couldn't agree more!



Submitted by TallTim on

Population growth is slowing globally. It will affect economies as years go on. As Tom knows, we're on the cusp of rolling over hard in the equities/indexes. Couple that with unsustainable debt - and that's global, not just the USA - you have a recipe for a prolonged recession that affects everyone.

Good stuff Tom, and by the way you still have a bunch of broken image links on your front page, not sure if you're aware.

Submitted by ChefBetti on

In fact marriage is not a relationship. The legal contract of marriage simply put is a binding Covenant that allows one party to completely take and misshandel the assets of another person or steal assets that are earned and maintained jointly for their own personal purpose without any repercussion. The legal contract of marriage has absolutely nothing to do with fidelity, love, commitment, parenting, integrity, or companionship

Submitted by unsolitary on

Hey, Tom, I haven't studied the show when you talked about paying with a Debit card. Ones I do, I probably (most likely) will follow your advice. I hope there are no updates to the law that I'm missing or anything. Thank you.