Dec 18th, 2018 | Leykis 101

LEYKIS 101 an exchange between Your Professor and a woman on Facebook named Nathaly (see it here by searching the page for Nathaly) over a previous episode explodes into this Leykis 101 classroom discussion. Who is responsible for chicks getting knocked up by losers, deadbeats, addicts and abusers? Your Professor has the balls to give you the politically incorrect truth!

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Submitted by suede_senator on

Man, these chicks think they can do no wrong these days! When a woman has seven kids by four different men that only give them child support and not do anything else for them, she is the one who is responsible for spreading her legs and letting those bad boys have sex with her without a condom.

I read your Facebook conversation and I was laughing the entire time reading how she was trying to blame the father for Brenda's actions. The fact that our society refuses to hold women accountable for choosing to be single mothers, choosing to have sex with men without a condom, not taking birth control themselves, killing men and then getting suspended sentences or probation is simply outrageous. You were right with everything you said there Tom.

Great episode.

Submitted by Lmiyasato on

Whatever happened to the days where women was genetically programmed to find the best mate to have her children?

Submitted by Mr.Silver on

Great show great advice let them have it, tell it how this SH*T is, but THE BOOK leykis 101, you may have had some messages regarding it but I have not seen anything about it >..< some comments about it would be nice :) or rather a direct answer! >:) keep up the work tom hope I hear from you or someone :D