Dec 13th, 2018 | Leykis 101

LEYKIS 101 hear about the woman who wrote an advice column for help: she "forced" a guy to get married...and now she's so unhappy with the way things turned out! Also, email from one listener who celebrates because men invented everything and another man who's feeling badly he's afraid that he's not doing things he's "supposed to be doing" or "what society expects" of him.

Here's the advice column Tom refers to in this episode: Husband obsessed with making money leaves her.

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Submitted by kyrios777 on

Even the hair drier was invented by a man

Submitted by Sonsofbitches on

Great show as usual . Pretty soon it will be time for me to blast some previous "high for the holidays" and "why I hate the homeless" shows while I sip wine next to the Christmas tree...

Keep up the good work!

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

...our Christmas programs will post next weekend!



Submitted by gorecki on

Thanks for answering my email in this episode tom.

I wasn't clear what I meant about the long distance relationship part, we met through a facebook group and met in person usually once or twice a month, shes in Brooklyn and I;m in Toronto.

Submitted by pauluss on

Only 5.5% of all commercial patents are issued to women.
94.5% of EVERYTHING, ever invented was created by MEN.

The Board game MONOPOLY was invented by Elizabeth Magie - (about the acquisition of money, assets and resources to WIN ) how ironic