Nov 21st, 2018 | Leykis 101

LEYKIS 101 do you have any idea who you're boning? You may think you do, but now, hear the story of a chick who faked her way through dozens of guys, getting them to pay up in various ways, according to her own daughter! Also, DNA horror stories!

Here's the article to which Tom refers in this episode.

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Submitted by thomasj on

Our entire lives we thought our grandfather was a WWII hero, a Polish Pilot that fought with the RAF against Hitler - a badass life we were very, very proud of. My stubborn sister wouldn't listen and took one of these DNA tests. Well, "hero" Granpa lived with Granma after the war, but OOOPS, DNA test says Granpa really was a salesman passing through my Mom's home town. My Dad confirmed this rumor he heard while dating Mom (even knew some things about him). Well fuck that salesman dude and fuck DNA tests. RIP hero Granpa you were still who I looked up to and you were still a badass.