Nov 15th, 2018 | Leykis 101

LEYKIS 101 why do people keep telling men that marriage is good for them? Is getting married and having kids a better decision? And what happens to your friends when chicks come in and start to run your boys' lives? Your Professor weighs in!

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Submitted by techtwinkie on

Its social conditioning, and then how getting compounded by media, news, and other outlets

Submitted by TallTim on

Easy, when you have men locked in to a marriage, it becomes easier to extract resources. Federal taxes, property taxes, fear of leaving because of costly divorces and skewed family law. Its modern day servitude packaged as "everybody is doing it, do YOUR part" by society at large.

Independent men can change countries, citizenship and jobs easily. Most don't bother buying homes or getting locked into financial agreements (debt, loans, etc..) like married people do. They aren't cost-effective for nation-states, so the narrative is pushed that marriage is "natural".

The fuck it is. Don't buy the lie. It will cost you if you do.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

Love your input.



Submitted by misterdgc on

Don't let the truth out! Only rarely a small bit of truth escapes by accident. This morning KCBS news radio SF (while in the shower- only time I listen to radio) heard a woman say that having to keep her 5 yr old son inside and out of school (due to Camp Creek Road Fire smoke) "FELT LIKE ONE OF THE LONGEST DAYS IN HER LIFE"! I let out a maniacal laugh! TOO SWEET! aaahhhh, Christmas come early dis year! ooh yea! Feels sooo good to be unmarried and child free!

Submitted by macspectrum on

the 'bridal' mags are all for women and engagement rings are a scam to sell diamonds - i was married ONCE - never again - thankfully for only 2 yrs - i remember my ex wife wanting me to 'ice fish' w/ her friends - i had no inkling to ice fish - she said 'u dont love my parents' - i said she was right - i like them but i dont love them - bill maher has a great comment on marriage for men -"Married men live longer. Yes. & a indoor cat does 2. Its a furball w/ a broken spirit looking out on a world it'll never enjoy."-Bill Maher

Submitted by ElLoboRabioso on

The bitches want the d...nero. They want your bread. Your cash. Your earnings. It's all a business scam, one that benefits her and you get nothing back in return.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

Thanks for saying it...