Nov 13th, 2018 | Leykis 101

ARE UNMARRIED GUYS AS HAPPY AS YOUR MOM SAYS? Science proves Your Professor right once again. Apparently, unmarried guys aren't as pathetic as women's magazines and TV shows make us out to be. But the blogger Tom talks about here still uses outrageously offensive language to describe those of us smart enough not to sign the papers.

This is the piece Tom is talking about.

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Submitted by theaceitsme on

Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooo Tom, the fact is ,women are ONLY interested in you if you are steadily rising in income , so that explains why married men are ''more successful'',
ALSO less married men are criminals , is because your testosterone drops when around children its nature way of protecting them .

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

Interesting theories...

Submitted by IAN THE PAIN BE... on

when people ask me if im single i just reply, NOPE im free as a bird

Submitted by OldMother on

Tom, I decided to stay on as SP1 simply because I am a fan of your show and wanted to show my support. To be honest, I wasn't exactly thrilled when the it was announced that the show was ending and a podcast would take it's place. I couldn't have been more wrong. So far, Tom, you are doing an amazing job. I love the new podcast. I love that you can just drop in, speak your mind and drop right back out. I think it's fantastic. Keep up the great work!

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

...for your continued support. Keep in touch!



Submitted by TallTim on

When people tell me they're getting married, all I can think of is how they're going to get raked over the coals in 1 - 5 years. That's the median time it takes for most marriages to fall apart, or the wife simply gets bored and is "unhappy" spurring all kinds of bad behavior. Women are fully aware that once they lock down that man, they can extract all of the financial support they want thanks to a lopsided legal system.

Like Tom says, it might have been a good deal for your grandfather and grandmother, but good luck trying to find anyone today that is remotely worth consideration. Even if you find that special "unicorn", that rare precious snowflake, you are still not dodging the bullet if she decides later that you are "growing apart". Its a loaded pistol pointed at your head, and most guys never see it. Until its their time in court, where they discover they'll be strip-mined of everything they ever worked for.

Keep it up Tom, more guys need to know what a horrible deal getting married really is.

Submitted by kyrios777 on

I listen with my morning coffee. What a great way to get mentally prepared for the day. Right Understanding, Right Intent, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration.

Submitted by Jonathan more on

Thanks Tom!
I needed this one!

Great job!

Submitted by Sonsofbitches on

Who needs live callers? Tom speaking into the microphone is what we all want!

Submitted by conwy on

Tom, you have enriched yourself by enriching your listeners. You have become wealthy by helping us become wealthy. You're a role model for guys everywhere. I'll be putting my nephew onto your show, when he comes of age. Proud to be a subscriber, and enjoying the podcast. Keep it up!

Submitted by MGTOW Gamer on

When a man gets married, he surrenders his rights as a man and gets the rights of a slave.