May 12th, 2021 | In the News

LAST YEAR'S GOOD SAMARITANS = THIS YEAR'S MONSTERS Remember all those people posting on social media a year ago about the "new friends" they found at the animal rescue shelter? Tom says they're no heroes. Now that lockdowns are ending, no one is posting about their "new friends" anymore!

Pets adopted during the pandemic are being returned at record numbers: report

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Submitted by UncleKenta on

It takes a shit load of patience, work, consistency, and discipline to train a new dog. I doubt any of these assholes returning pets did much training or discipline. It will be extra work to unlearn the bad behaviors and re-train those dogs. Social media madness morons strike again. It is evil. Give a dog a forever home or fuck off.

The other thing these assholes do is advertise adoptions as 'mix breed' and they are VERY often all terriers AKA pit bulls. Pitties require a special kind of owner and extra work, as do all the powerful breeds. You also take on serious liability that could ruin you financially and end up with criminal charges. Social media and celebrity bullshit has lied in the name of 'feel good' virtue signalling about pit bulls. They need a special kind of owner. I don't care how much celebrities say they are harmless.

Tell that to the shelter volunteer who was killed when they went to take a pitty for a walk.

"Humane Society of St. Lucie Co. identifies woman who died at facility" May 2019, WPTV West Palm Beach
"'She was very passionate:' Friends remember shelter volunteer killed by dog" May 2019, cbs12 dot com

Submitted by forceworks on

Owning a pet should come with preconditions, such as mandatory obedience training (at the owner's expense) and a full informational course on how to handle and properly care for whatever animal is being adopted. The course should be passed with a 100% perfect score or the party seeking to adopt will be turned away. This sort of policy will not only reduce the number of animals with behavioral issues, but also significantly cut down on the number of irresponsible pet owners - including losers who use them as props or for "emotional support". Also, every owner should be held fully liable for any damages (civil & criminal) the animal causes, whether it craps on the sidewalk or chews some kid's face off.

Submitted by reaper69316 on

Check any shelter and it's flooded with pits who often have been there for many months or sometimes years. Requiring all that shit would discourage more adoptions, I get rescues do it but many rescues have high-demand animals at a much cheaper rate than puppy mills. Its good rescues put every applicant through the wringer but shelters could never get away with it.

Submitted by John Nett on

They are shallow and hollow individuals. They were not taught compassion and empathy as virtues to live by. Hell, they were not taught to have any moral compass other to expect society to sooth their hurts and fix their BooBoo's. I again blame fathers who should have never bred.

I have had dogs all my life except for my military time. They were and are an integral part of my existence. From the first time meeting them to the last day of their lives, there just is not any greater bond, not even with people. If you get a dog--it is a LIFETIME commitment, either the dogs or yours, it is as simple as that. Taking a pet back to the pound is just outrageous but totally believable in this day and age. If anyone hurt my dog, I would respond with furious anger and great revenge.

I used to think this country had maybe a hundred years before it turned to total shit, but anymore I give it 50 or less before it becomes unrecognizable. I'm glad I wont be around to see it.

Submitted by Alex from Aurora on

I love dogs! I understand exactly what you’re saying! Now that my dog passed away I felt I needed to get another dog. I didn’t tho! Just for the very reason you’re talking about! I’m single I work 10 hour days. I can not be there for my pet! That’s not fair to that animal! Yes I get it!!