Mar 11th, 2021 | In the News

TOM WEIGHS IN ON MEGHAN MARKLE She never had anything good to say about Tom. Hear what she had to say about him, and find out what Tom thinks about her current controversy right here!

PROUD PRINCESS Meghan Markle shows she’s always been a feminist when she slams radio presenter (Tom) who ‘compares women to pieces of meat’

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Submitted by nguglielmino on

I don't care what happens with the royal family over seas in Great Briton! When American women got up in the middle of the night to watch a royal wedding I thought that they where crazy!

Submitted by gokusan on

Why do we still have kings, queens, princes and princesses in 2021?

Submitted by cpk on

Thank you for saying the OBVIOUS - we fought a bloody war to get rid of these types I hate the goddamn royalty and all of the press over the brits and their antiquated system. Why do they cover these royal weddings WHY? and dumbasses get up at 5 am to watch all of this $$ being spent on lavish ceremonies whilst millions of people in the UK are destitute. So disgusting. Deep down, there are americans who like the idea of a king - proven by the adulation of a dictator wannabe like tRump. We're Americans goddamnit! fuck all of you royal-lovers

Submitted by LloydCFerguson on

Wonder if the alleged racist comment on the baby's skin color had to do with who the father might be? Wonder if they had a DNA test done or are waiting to go on the Maury show?