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It is simple. Boys and fathers are linked as one powerful energy force. If you don't have a father in purpose and you bring a son in the world you are going to destroy an innocent life, a boy and at the same time destroy society with it. If a man don't want to be a dad and want to have a child and have no input in it, then have a girl instead. Although, girls need fathers like boys do, they can survive fine without him. But a boy will be lost. He need that protection and masculine energy and guidance and support that girls already have with their feminine side just fine. So repeat, don't have a son if you don't want to play the father role. If you want to live in an all female world that is fine. Nothing stops you. So for women out there you can have baby girls till your heart is contact and build a society around your gender. No one is going to stop you. But ladies? Don't have a son if you are not sure that this man will stay to raise him. If you find out you had a son and the man up and left and is no where to be seen, abort that baby before it is too late. Boys need fathers like you and I need oxygen. Even if women don't need men, doesn't mean he is unnecessary, because there are the other half of people, called boys who need men. That you ladies can't take it away from us.

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I see this with Mormon families often especially when they have an out of control child, positive reinforcement is not the answer to everything sometimes tough love has to be shown and they are incapable of doing that.

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The truth is much worse than even the most creative conspiracy theories.

My observations and opinions: it all started with ARPANET 1969. The birth of The Matrix realized, brought to you by none other than DARPA. Except you aren't a battery, you are a data graph.

I knew we were in trouble when grocery stores started asking for your phone number. Remember that? I never gave them a real number. It was mostly about SPAM and telemarketing calls back then.

Now, people don't even think twice about putting insecure networked devices like Alexa, Ring, Google Home INSIDE THEIR HOMES, even in their children's bedroom. Then parents are surprised when their child is converted into a Q-anut Q-acunt, Q-afuck Q-awhatever. Or when the police take all your Ring videos and data without your permission. NOT IN MY FUCKING HOUSE!

I think social media is the current most effective weaponization of the Internet. It's working pretty damn well, to make inconceivable amounts of money for a few very powerful men, to create division and chaos around the world, and to manipulate and control people.

Every screen you see and touch is able to manipulate and control you, even if you ARE fully aware of it. Our human brains simply cannot complete against the computing power today. Facebook execs have admitted to these experiments. A modern day MKUltra. Worse, Internet protocols like https, aren't even that secure. They never were. There are fundamental flaws in how these protocols were designed and deployed. And breaking encryption, is simply a matter of computing power. Privacy? Gone. Snowden explained it all to us. And nobody gave a shit.

The real life Matrix doesn't make you a battery, it is simply the most effective tool ever created to 1) make money off your data graph, which BTW, we gave away for free to Mark Fuckerberg's Facebook, Bezos' Amazon/AWS, Twitter, Google, etc, making them the most powerful men in history, and 2) to manipulate and control all of humanity in infinite and increasingly insidious ways.

Everything you say, listen to, buy, eat, and shit out is monitored, logged, graphed and analyzed as data. Yes your shit is monitored in many sewage systems that can detect variations in all the stuff that flows thru that system.

"It's a big club. You and I are not in the big club." - George Carlin

We don't stand a chance. It's nothing new under the sun since we were all slaves in ancient Egypt. I believe religion was the best most effective Matrix in the past. Now, it's the corrupt abusive use of the Internet, mostly by the highly centralized data controllers and social media platforms.

We are about 2 years away from ubiquitous high speed Internet on every place on the surface of the Earth. Starlink, and AWS Kupier. It's already here, and simply a matter of scaling it up.

The ironic thing is, everyone has the power to end this madness in an instant. TURN IT OFF, DELETE IT, AND THROW YOUR RING OUT (or return it for a full refund if you shop at Costco! lol).

Turn your goddamn Internet modem/router off for a few minutes, leave your fucking mobile device at home, go outside, and go for a fucking hike every once in a while. "Cut it out of your life like a cancer!" Do not allow these networked devices into your home. Make better choices about the platforms you use and support. Get off social media. Use open source software that values privacy like Brave Browser (which also has built in ad blocking on YouTube, ssssssh don't tell anyone), Proton Mail, etc.

Peace, cheers, namaste, 'huck it, chuck it, football, all night.' Thanks Tom.