Feb 4th, 2021 | In the News

COUNTRY SINGER CAUGHT ON TAPE USING THE N-WORD Super hot country music performer, Morgan Wallen, previously bumped from Saturday NIght Live for being caught on video at a superspreader event, is caught again on video calling someone the n-word. Why is everyone acting so shocked?

Country music artist Morgan Wallen

See the TMZ video in which Morgan Wallen makes his comment.

From VarietyCountry Radio Quickly Removing Morgan Wallen From Playlists After Racial Slur

From NBC News: Country music star Morgan Wallen caught on video using N-word; label suspends his contract

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Submitted by carlosg4life on

This is no surprise for me, because it confirms what i have known for a while. Deep down, all these Nashville country boys are racist pieces of shit. Country music to me is like 7 up. Never have listened to it, never will.

Submitted by MrThomas on

Never heard of this guy. But then again, I don't listen to today's pop music.

Submitted by dlbiininja on

And of course fuck this guy. He made a conscious choice to use that slur. Let him deal with losing money.

And fuck those that are suddenly buying his music as a result of his usage of it. They're pieces of shit too & rent their teeth.