Jan 7th, 2021 | In the News

LAW AND ORDER? Your President LOVES to talk about "law and order" but what happened at the US Capitol was anything but. What do we do now about the Trump supporters and the Trump enablers? How about the criminals who broke into the Capitol?

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Submitted by flyboy805 on

Tom in 2016 I kicked Everyone out of my life who did not Vote for Hillary , and/or did not Help support her campaign . I detests Gustavo Arellano for not Voting for Hillary , I cant stand Ann Coulter.

Submitted by flyboy805 on

Excuse makers working Over time on every platform (trying to compare today with antifa ) , News Still calling them Protestors?
To repeat what I read on Twitter, " ... DC police and National Gard cant be trusted... who is the Police or N.G. are loyal to? ... "

Submitted by cpk on

I don't think there are enough "Fuck You" s in the entire universe to express how PISSED off I am at these mutha fuckin racists dickweed losers..... FUCK YOU INFINITY

Submitted by deweydec on

Today was a taste of what I have feared with Trumpism since 2015. Trumpism is the manifestation of all that is ugly in this country and today it culminated in a violent attempt at insurrection. These seditious fools were riled into treasonous behavior by an ignorant, orange snowflake. It's dangerous and embarrassing all at the same time. He deserves to be impeached again, convicted, and put in prison.

Submitted by jimwalsh2001 on

With you 100% on the decline of talk radio into "Rush and his 10,000 clones." Fuck 'em.

Submitted by alexgoncharov on

Tom!! You are and have always been THE PROFESSOR. Enough Said!

Submitted by reaper69316 on

I knew when I found out you are behind a paywall it was gonna be a reall podcast with real steong opinions, I peraonally dont support commentators on Youtube, twitch or some other heavy moderated platform as it always comes across as fake or censored. Nonetheless I was surprised you didnt support the Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen for President this is not a "throwaway" vote its standing up for your principles.

Submitted by mrgg2005 on

See in my opinion they are Dragging their feet with the Impeachment and Senate doesn't have the common since the first time around to convict his Ass to Finish the process. The first time around Congress started the Impeachment of Trump, Senate Stop it and Shut it down and now here's a second time with very little time in office. It's like a catch 22. But his ass and those Trump supporters need to be held accountable. Keep up The Great Work Tom. I listen to all your old stuff on YouTube and Alot still Applies today. It took me awhile for me to find your stream in my area but Now I'm here. I like your call ins Big Time from random callers lol. I hope u do more Topics pertaining to this issue because the news media isn't gonna end talking about this anytime soon. Especially since there hasn't had been a White House break in since the war of 1821 against Great Britian. This is Historic and will add always be remembered for life smh. This man Embarrassed our country and our enemies and the world took complete advantage of that opportunity and exposed us big time. They say we are about 1 vote away from not being the world leader & protector anymore. World leaders spoke their mind about us. Remember, the WORLD Seen this shit and on repeat. Anything could pop off st anytime. I personally believe Trump, his supporters, and these Damn Conspiracy Theorists need to be held Accountable and Not ignored. There are waaaaaaaaaay too many Fake video, Paranoid, Chicken Little Conspiracy Theorists out there. Some of the Congress and Senate states that this could of been a in side job and setup because of how quickly they got into the White House. His Personality Disorder is off the Chain Now. Think about it. You shoud do more topics about this again. Hell Naw and Fucc naw, I'm NOT AT ALL a Trump Supporter or a Republican at All. Trump made the Republicans look like a Joke and he divided the Republican party. I'm a Independent lol. The little guy lol. I'm in Kansas City, Missouri, Home of of the Kansas City Chiefs and Barbecue. Again Tom, Keep up the Great Work Homie.

Submitted by cpk on

You've said exactly what I, and many have been saying from the start - this m f'r is about nothing but himself, he's an insane narcissist racist psychotic asshole. Keep it up, we need to keep hearing this. thank you again worth every penny of the paywall Fuck Yeah!

Submitted by aofrailey on

Tom, if you oust Trump supporters from being subscribers, whom are you talking to? There are no "pieces of shit" to hear you lambast them!

Submitted by Moneylost on

After listening to Tom clips on YouTube I decided to try and see if he was still doing his thing. I wanted to join whatever site he had and donate if I could. After seeing the comments here and the description of this show I am out. Nice way to turn off some of your audience. Later!

Submitted by flyboy805 on

At the start of every Every episode On the Radio/youtube "...Tom is not a RIGHT WING WACKO !..." If you are ok with Treason and Terrorism from GOP republicans, Tom does not need your money. Later!

Submitted by kinghurl on

A few select Republicans are trying to get in front of this now by coming out and "bravely" denouncing him. I agree with you Tom...too late. Grand Ole Pussy Party is the real name for what's left of it. That rancid smell...you got it!
No balls. The refusal to invoke the 25th even after all this is clear evidence of the desperate need to cling to power at all costs. Trumps' narcissism has infected the rest. The fake calls for "healing the nation" are smokescreens to mask their lack of stomach for doing the right thing, even at this late hour, they can't do it. Trumps' evil is not done either. Look for self pardons as well as for each of the folks charged with sedition. FBI would be smart to delay filing charges against named individuals until the power of the pardon is taken from the orange idiots' tiny hands.Such a thing would embolden and martyr these idiots to do more harm.Already his pardon of key individuals could yet come back to bit his orange ass, one can only hope. Until this crime family is dressed in prison orange, it will not be enough to erase this shitstain on American history. American blood is on the hands of the evangelicals, Fox news and their ilk and every card carrying republican who didn't have the balls to stand up to him until now. Enablers every one. Bring back the Scarlet Letter!

Submitted by Hubcap on

I agree, and after a week, the more comes out, it was way worse than we first thought.

Submitted by Hubcap on

Tom prediction was once again correct. In this case the Republicans would distance themselves from this. Although I doubt that even in Tom's best Nostradamus Moments he could have predicted the absurdity of "ANTIFA did it". I'm listening to this for the first time on 1/15/21.

Submitted by mike8643 on

Never supported Trump and thought the media was a little over the top with all the Trump derangement syndrome over the years.

My take was he was unqualified and the gong show would eventually end in 2020 and he would be a foot note.

I have to tell you I was surprised that he would attempt what was eventually a coup. Make no mistake he wouldn't stop at stealing an election, the end game was to install a Trump family dynasty along the lines of the Kim family in North Korea.

He belongs in jail.