Nov 18th, 2020 | In the News

WILL JOE BIDEN LET DONALD TRUMP OFF THE HOOK? Tom warned you that Joe Biden will "be the next Gerald Ford or Jimmy Carter": a lovable guy who is so nice, he'll let the wrongdoers off the hook for "the sake of uniting the country". Should Biden put Trump behind bars or "let our country heal"?

Here is the story that got Tom going: Biden hopes to avoid divisive Trump investigations, preferring unity

Click here to see how simliar the story of the pardon of Richard Nixon is to what Joe Biden wants to do with Donald Trump

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Submitted by johnnett on

I think Trump is going to slide on Federal charges of any kind, he will not be indicted for anything.
Cy Vance Jr. I believe is the only hope to get a pound of flesh out of him, at the State level.

Submitted by cpk on

I realize that you're referring to the issue of pardoning the preceding President for his crimes, as Ford did for Nixon. I don't know what Biden will do, though it seems like he's got many big problems to deal with (esp given that little baby can't admit he lost and is holding up the transition works like the asshole he is, but I digress...) However, I would like to point out that, unlike Carter, who came to DC with little experience in the ways of Washington and brought with him similarly unexperienced cohorts from GA, Biden has lots of DC experience (understatement) has working in the White House and has been through two transitions already - incoming and outgoing. He's choosing people like Ron Klain to be Chief of Staff, has many former Obama (and some Clinton) people to appoint - all of whom have way more background than Carter's. Even though Trump is trashing the place really only to make it even harder for Biden to do well, I do have some hope that he can get further than Carter was able to. Of course, one great variable is the Senate - if Moscow Mitch gets the power again, it's gonna be grim reaper gridlock on steroids. This is why we have to support Warnock and Ossoff in the GA runoffs.....

Submitted by Hubcap on

I'm afraid that the Biden administration will be "looking forward"; there will be a couple of high-profile people take the fall, and everyone else including Trump will walk away clean. There is so much criminality in the Trump administration, that it is almost impossible to list. But two things that stand out, Trump's "let 'em die" herd immunity COVID response and the child separation policy constitute crimes against humanity that are far more severe than Hatch Act or emoluments violations.
Nixon was not prosecuted for Watergate, Reagan was not held to account for Iran-Contra, Bush walked after lying the country into a war, and that gave us Trump. If Trump walks as well, the lesson is clear; rules are only for us commoners and "no one is above the law" is just a cruel joke.

Biden's calls for unity ring hollow. I am not in any way going to make nice with racist white supremists who display swastikas and fly the confederate flag. I hope Biden understands that this division is not just a disagreement over political views, but a very deep chasm between people who hold dear the ideals the USA represents, and those who do not. I sincerely hope he does not intend to be their president too.

Submitted by soshdog on

Wow Tom I have always loved all your content, but I must say I find your political views... disappointing. I am going to look through the archives (I am a new subscriber). Let me ask you this though, because I really am interested. What do you think of the way that the Democrats came after Brett Kavanagh with the sexual misconduct charges (from decades prior)? What do you think of the way Kamala Harris came after him in particular?

Furthermore, what do you think of Bill Clinton and the women who accused him of brutal rape? Juanita Broderick among others.

Submitted by soshdog on

I have just listened to some of your other recent stuff regarding politics. Please disregard my previous comment. I didn't come here for politics anyway. I've been a loyal listener since 2001 and came here for your views on money and women.