Oct 5th, 2020 | In the News

WHY SHOULDN'T WE HOPE FOR THE WORST FOR TRUMP? Everyone on TV, even opponents of Donald Trump, are wishing him a "speedy recovery" from COVID-19. But can COVID-19 can succeed where Robert Mueller, Adam Schiff, and others have failed?

Agree or disagree? Let Tom have it: tom@blowmeuptom.com.



Submitted by mrbruce1 on

You said just about everything I was thinking Tom, and seeing him now getting out of the hospital so quick just reinforces my curiosity about this all being a giant hoax. I wonder if they will produce a real negative Covid test result! I was right there in the studio at WNWS love hearing about those days, do you remember Ti we were all board ops and Calle screeners I’m sure not but damn it brings back great memories for me, Mahalo!

Submitted by johnnett on

I can't wait until these motherfuckers start falling out of the sky like a flock of poisoned birds. I am a root cause kind of guy. Half of my fellow countrymen voted to put this phony SOB into power. The average American is really quite stupid. What was their payoff?

Submitted by ProfTomLpupil on

I agree with flyboy805.

After almost 4 years of constant lying Trumpsky may be faking being COVID positive. He is a master of manipulating the media, 'what-about-ism', misdirection, and may be simply playing a victim card only 4 weeks before elections. I wouldnt be surprised if he emerges beautifully healthy thanks some new experimental vaccine. He will use this fake treatment to help him win.

Submitted by valmaral on

I don’t understand how everyone is turning a complete 180 on their opinions on Trump and his cronies. One week he was a reprehensible human being and now everyone is saying “get well soon grandpa”. Fuck all that. We can all agree that it was a good thing Hitler killed himself so it’s okay when we see other scumbags getting what they have coming to them.

Submitted by Daniel Klock on

Gotta love it when the demagogue's karma runs over his own dogma! One can only hope that this is his ultimate end game.

Submitted by cpk on

Every time I hear some TV person say We wish for a fast and full recovery, both of us in this house shout WE DON'T! and so many DON'T mention all the people who had to die in pain, alone,We both had COVID and it sucked. I hope he suffers 5x as much as we did. THANK YOU TOM for saying what we feel. BTW Joe Rogan said he wasnt going to vote for Biden and he's moving to Texas. So what does that tell ya?

Submitted by aofrailey on

...that I hoped fervently that Trump would "catch" COVID. It was so funny to me that Tucker Carlson was indignant about all the "liberals" whose attitude implies that it is at least ironic that Trump contracted the virus. Tuck showed clips of the various "liberals" who made comments along those lines. I think the examples were much too polite. I wish he'd have gotten me on there, because I would have said "F'in A, he got what he deserves."

Submitted by TimTim on

Wow Tom. You've changed man. What in the h*ll? You're hoping for Trump to die from CoViD-19?
Wow, just wo! Years of respect just vanished.