Sep 14th, 2020 | In the News

SHOULD THE HOMELESS HAVE TO USE A POOR DOOR? nearly 100 homeless men being housed at New York City's La Guardia Airport Marriott, purportedly had to use a “poor door” in the back rather than entering through the lobby. Bartender Geraldo Rodriquez told the New York Post, “They said it was the employee entrance,” he said. “I felt so ashamed.” But, should we care?

From The New York Post: Homeless must use back door at La Guardia Marriott

Poor doors? What do you think? Tell Tom now:



Submitted by TONY_LALLI on

You are right tom they should just be happy to have shelter.

Submitted by OldMother on

I understand that this is an attempt to show compassion, but when it's mandated it falls flat. Coercion breeds resentment and takes away from the spirit of the intended mandate. It does nothing but enable the people who take advantage of these free rooms. Also, why is it someone else's responsibility when you feel shame? Shame is what you feel. Nobody forces shame on you. You feel shame because of failing to meet some mark in your life. If you feel shame then you should be happy, because now you know something in your life is fucked up and needs changing and you can go about setting up that change.
I'm all for shame. In fact, I think we need more of it.