Aug 27th, 2020 | In the News

BLACK LIVES DO MATTER BUT SPORTS BOYCOTTS DON'T So many tragic, unjustified deaths of African American men. So many Americans justifiably angry. From Olympic athletes John Carlos and Tommie Smith to Colin Kaepernick to today's Dodgers and Milwaukee Bucks, we have seen all kinds of protests against these injustices. But, in the end, are the people who could change things paying attention?

Tommie Smith At The 1968 Olympic Games In Mexico City

Click here to learn about the historic Olympic protest of John Carlos and Tommie Smith.

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Submitted by mwkirlin on

The only thing I would add is that professional sports leagues depend upon people having short memories because we get excited when we see what we really want. When our team plays, we're interested. Even under the circumstances of the day, people are tuning into these games. We have turned a blind eye to social justice forever, and will continue to do so as long as our own individual needs are met. On the other hand, I think in a lot of problems, at least in the short run, will dissipate If we can turn our attention to sports and not protesting, where so much damage is being done in the name of BLM. We're giving audiences to a lot of bad actors this way, who are taking full advantage of causes they don't care about either.

Submitted by cpk on

and in order for sports to do what Tom is saying - which I think would make some change, - people would have to all say we quit patronizing sports in all forms unless the teams and leagues pull out of these places. No watching on TV, no going to the events - once that's an option, obviously it isn't now, no more buying sports team apparel etc. And we all know that isn't going to happen. It sucks that it won't. BTW if anyone has Sirius, Joe Madison on Urban View interviewed Dr. John Carlos yesterday, Friday Aug. 28. Good interview and well worth hearing.

Submitted by cpk on

correction - the interview on Urban View, The Black Eagle was on Thursday, not Friday...

Submitted by zabler on

Tom, I remember way back on KFI a caller or guest was telling you that "This country was founded on Judeo Christian principles" and I always remember your response. "You mean like Genocide and Slavery". Last year I retired here to Miami Florida and I am just astounded by all the religious Latinos, especially Cubans, who want to feel all patriotic by jumping on board the Chump Train. I have had to remind some of them of the history of this country is much like that of Latin American countries and their conquistadors who laid waste to the native peoples of these lands and then dragged a whole group of people against their will as slaves. Most of them are willingly ignorant to these Facts and enjoy the American culture of over indulgence and stupidity.