Jun 13th, 2020 | In the News

TOM'S CONFLICTED FEELINGS ABOUT COVID-19 VICTIMS Tom's in his fourth month of sheltering-in-place as Donald Trump's "reopening of America" begins. As cases spike all over America, Tom deals with his conflicted feelings about the situation. Is it so wrong to be happy about the way things are going for some?

  • Arkansas (cases up 113 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, current hospitalizations up from 64 on May 10 to 181 on June 10)
  • Florida (cases up 87 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, the state does not report current hospitalizations)
  • North Carolina (cases up 62 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, current hospitalizations up from 442 on May 10 to 780 on June 10)
  • South Carolina (cases up 93 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, the state does not routinely report current hospitalizations but there was a reported recent spike)
  • Texas (cases up 53 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, current hospitalizations up from 1,626 on May 10 to 2,153 on June 10)
  • Utah (cases up 126 percent in two weeks, positive test rate increasing, current hospitalizations up from 93 on May 10 to 130 on June 10)

The White House, as usual, is in denial about what's going on.

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Submitted by AnaheimDog on

A few parts of the show i couldnt make out what you said. Not a big deal you probably just "fuck you all"

Submitted by TallTim on

You're right, he needs Gary back on the mixing board. Most episodes aren't even close to the old ones in levels. I usually have to boost them an extra 10 - 20db just to get it in the normal range.

Whaddya gonna do, he's on his own...

Submitted by TallTim on

(Too Ranty; Didn't Listen)

I'm proud of Tom, he only said "Trump" 20 times in this episode. Usually it isn't that high. New personal best! Maybe when Trump moves out of Tom's head it will go lower, who can say.

Rolling back lockdowns are a problem eh? But not those protests - keep on protesting guys, the virus only works on "hillbillies", lol. No mention that the worst hit states are the Blue-run cities, but we'll give Tom a pass on that one. I know he doesn't like to point out things like that.

Sidenote - Ever notice that those with the leftward slant always adopt the "KILL 'EM ALL" sentiment? Its curious to me. I've yet to see that on the other side. But I guess thats the Emotionalist versus Rationalist mindset at work.

But don't worry "I'll exempt you if you are 'we're all gonna die anyway'" -- aww thanks Tom, you're the best! (Not my opinion, but I guess he does give some people a break.)

Awesome episode.

I haven't heard a off-the-plot rant like that since my Uncle freaked out at a Thanksgiving dinner a few years ago. Its nearly at the level of a Kathy Griffin kind of freakout.

Submitted by TallTim on

...for someone who is so smart, that lets Trump live in his head rent-free!

I consider this entertainment, and paying ~200/yr is pocket change to me. Hell, that's two steak dinners at a high-end restaurant.

I'm waiting for the point where you flip out about the "T" on your tesla looking too much like "T" as in "Trump", and then you either pry it off or sell your car in a fit of ranty rage.

Just make sure you do an episode on it - so we can all hear all the cussing.

You have some insights that I find valuable, but lately you've been infected by the same pathogen that makes middle aged "Karens" flip out and try to police other people, which is sad to me.

Submitted by JboDiesel on

Tom, I love the trolls that come to your site, pay money to troll you the then stay month after month. Damn I need your blueprint! Anyways thank you for this episode of all the fuckin braindead morons in the Untied States. Man, you should hear some of the crazy s*** that people are saying, for instance people would say oh people die everyday from car accidents to drowning in pools but we don't shut down the country then. Last time I checked a car accident or drowning in a pool was not contagious.... the fucking logic of people in the United States is absolutely mindnumbing, holy Fuck man. Tom I have an high IQ just like you do and man let me tell you sometimes it's really lonely to have a conversation with dumb people that clearly know nothing but they will explain everything to you without reading or doing math or even due diligence about the subject that they are speaking about. Then the minute you blast them with information then they're getting angry at you about insulting their intelligence! I personally want to thank you for your service I've been a subscriber for 5 years now and I've been a listener since 2006 when you were on free radio

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

I know what you mean! SO many morons, so little time. Your support means a lot! Thanks again.


Submitted by epsilon606 on

Great to hear someone sane being rightfully pissed at our current state amongst all the crazy morons saturating the media with their noise.

Submitted by Kelvinator on

Just wear your mask and shut up. I mean...the masks works right? I'm not wearing a mask. Fuck that shit.

Submitted by cpk on

not all of us who got covid was recklessly patronizing bars, going to crowded beaches, etc. I went to the store to get supplies. that's it. I wore (and wear) a goddamn mask but, there were other assholes who weren't and somehow, one of those fuckers got too close to me and bam, I had it. So when I see you assholes without masks, I regret that I no longer have the virus because I'd like to go and breathe all over you