Jun 1st, 2020 | In the News

YOU THINK THIS IS BAD? The civil unrest we saw across the country on the night of May 30th was heartbreaking. After that, in comes the National Guard! Is that the end of it, or is it only the beginning?


This time of social unrest makes it a great time to look back at this Nipsey Hussle track from 2016.

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Submitted by TallTim on

I'm in one of the cities that had these opportunistic riots. I say opportunistic, because the George Floyd protestors weren't smashing in windows and burning shit. The real protestors were peaceful.

The jackasses that are running around setting shit on fire? They're part of the Antifa/Anarchist crowd, mostly white by the way, and their only goal is to sow chaos and destroy things.

Didn't help that the groups sponsoring this had pallets of bricks staged in some cities -- https://twitter.com/ali/status/1266622746571800576 (And no, they weren't all for construction, either.)

There are larger forces afoot. As usual, Trump is living in Tom's head rent-free, so his podcast is mostly him repeating his name again and again.

The real issue here is the lockdown unemployment, no one getting paid, and now you have non-governmental operators financing these domestic terror groups. Think the "Rona is the worst problem we have? Nope, an idiot with a brick can do you in faster than this virus can.

I'd say re-evaluate where you're living, and make plans. Its time to get out, if you can.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

Say what you want about my opinion of Trump, as much as you want, long as you're a paying subscriber. Anyone who listened to this episode knows there was plenty in it besides the Dictator-in Chief.

Submitted by TallTim on

Just drop the pretense you're balanced, okay?

Its pretty obvious you've got Trump on the brain most of the waking day. I used to believe you were balanced, but not anymore.

I'll keep subscribing, because I do get some insights and comedy out of the entire thing - and 200+ bucks is like pocket change to me, so why not?

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

1) I have repeated HUNDREDS of times that I am NOT a journalist.

2) I have NEVER claimed to be "balanced". This podcast is an expression of my observations, feelings, opinions and knowledge. I am not a conservative news network that falsely claims to be "balanced".

3) I am not, and never HAVE been balanced. These are my opinions. I am not here to provide "both sides". I am here to provide MY side, and those of my guests.

4) My position remains as it has since the beginning: Donald Trump is a dangerous dictator who must be removed from office at virtually any cost. This has nothing to do with his stated positions. It's my belief that Trump only cares about one thing: Trump, not The Bible or the Second Amendment or anything else but his own well-being. As you surely must have heard by now, I am no liberal, but a libertarian. And many episodes have nothing to do with Trump OR politics.

5) When it comes to dictators who gas their own citizens, there aren't two sides. There is only one.



Submitted by TallTim on

Yeah, re-read that subject line.

I have every show you recorded, sitting on my NAS, taking up 265 GB as we speak. I usually listen to the older episodes when I do my workouts. I started way back when you began, April 2012, and worked my way forward.

And yes, you've said many times that you're not "Democrat or Republican"... well, that isn't true anymore. Its clear that Trump lives in your head, rent-free, and quite frankly its sad to me.

I value your insights to many different subjects, but when you go on your Trump rants, its like seeing a loved one succumb to Parkinson's and obsessing about something to the exclusion of all else.

I mean, what's next -- Your Tesla that you drive has a big "T" on it, and Trump is cozy with Musk, you gonna sell your car because you can't stand the association?

Just stop pretending you are impartial, because when it comes to politics, you're as blue as the the sky is deep.

I' just want you to come out and SAY it, instead of all of this runaround. I'll still listen to you -- for me, it isn't about politics, but we've been talking about this before.

Don't make me go back into your archives and produce you saying how impartial you are. You know you've said it -- so own up to it.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

I am NOT a Republican or a Democrat. I have voted for Republicans AND Democrats. I just don't support crooks or dictators of ANY party. Trump is BOTH. And I'm NOT impartial. My opinions ARE the content.

Submitted by Willyjones666 on

You think this summer is going to be bad? Wait until the fall. By then, most people will have spent their stimulus money the increased unemployment benefits will be over, and the reality of not getting one's ones job back will begin to sink in.

I predict fall is when the evictions, home foreclosures, car repossessions and credit card charge-offs will start. It will be pretty fucking ugly.

Submitted by bbbcorbitt on

Oh I have advised many of a person to baton down the hatches because it's going to get rough. Half of these people don't believe in masks or protection and the other half don't believe that there is a virus. First, if these officers get off on any kind of means or are not acquitted this civil racial unrest is going to keep going right on through the summer. We should start seeing a major rise in cases in a few weeks. Everyone forgets that we are also at the start of Hurricane Season and it doesn't matter where the storm(s) hit... its effects are going to affect us all. Especially an economy that is already destroyed. So add all of that in and then by the fall we see the continuation of the "First Wave" or the real "Second Wave" combine with an election, civil unrest, and a destroyed economy...you will get the realization that we are only in the first quarter of a very bad game of life. Save..save and do not make ANY major purchases. Now is not the time. It's going to helluva interesting!

Submitted by AnaheimDog on

Isnt that contradictory to some of Toms warnings? Im not participating in these activities, im just trying to make sense of things. Tom advises a good security camera and locks. Doors, walls, locks, dont seem to help when the mob arrives. If the mob finds its way to your neighborhood, im not sure if theres anything anyone can do because the mob is morally justified.

Submitted by AnaheimDog on

I looked at a chart before i posted my thoughts on the subject. For orange county the average cases in April was in the range of 1000, and for May 2000, and a spike now that looks like June will average up another 1000 to 3000. Another 2 weeks should show this to be true. If the numbers trend to 4000 and up, then i would agree with you. But if they only go to 3000 or better numbers, then i would come to a conclusion more in line with this 'pandemic' deserves 'quotation' marks.

Submitted by AnaheimDog on

The numbers are down, way down, in orange county CA. Im glad for that. Ive been going outside more and been to the beach. Its not good to stay in for too long, humans need companionship and interaction.

Submitted by kinghurl on

100 percent in agreement Tom-one point of clarification: You pointed out the cops beating the crap out of people in the 60s. It's happening today-not just to Floyd and others-there are copious(look it up) videos of old, young, white, black, citizens and reporters with cameras recording their behaviour while being beaten, shot at with rubber bullets and flash grenades, tear gas canisters and even police departments pulling trump speak by saying, "that old man that "fell", he really just tripped!" As dumb a thing as trump ever says, the chief tries to spin the video. But wait it gets better-the cops were suspended from duty and the dept resigned in support of the blue line! Here's my idea:
. Specifically wrt police brutality.
I believe the effect of shining a light on brutality is in effect what has brought us to this tipping point. I say we need to push further in this direction.
The Cooper, Arbery and Floyd incidents have a common theme-cell phone technology has inadvertently brought to light things many of us KNOW have been going on, but most Americans and people around the world had no idea how systemic this has been and for how long.
In keeping with the theme of outsized response by police to a perceived threat, my idea is this:
Because law enforcement are held to a higher standard due to their role to protect and serve, if they have been involved in an outsized response to a perceived threat, their names and persona become immediately available publicly(website, media).
That essentially shines a light on their failure to do their jobs either due to a lack of training, a lack of judgement or a lack of moral character in doing the right thing. Any of these failures should cause a meaningful discussion about their fitness for the job at a minimum. It should also highlight their Chiefs of Police and the DAs who should prosecute these types of crimes(or not), for this type of thing cannot exist without a power structure to support it.
The idea of shining a light, is that by forcing these acts(or failures to act) into the public light immediately, action can be better taken to fix the response to living while black.
I’ve contacted the office of Kamla Harris with the idea. My plan is to take some action vs just talking about things. Dialog is cheap.