May 26th, 2020 | In the News


Submitted by mwkirlin on

I listened to every word. I live alone and will continue to do so. I do get out, to go for short drives mainly, and to go on walks alone. I make no effort to socialize. When there is a vaccine, we will have the opportunity to get it only when our insurance has access. That will put the herd immunity out until probably 2022 at the earliest for most people. I am so thankful for Costco and Trader Joe's, the only stores I really care about. I want small businesses to succeed but not at my expense. If listeners choose to appreciate this episode, there is a chance to treat it as a positive. Like you, I have improved my health. I have work to do as well. If I get sick, I'm fucked. At least, that is how I have to think. Now is a golden opportunity to get better. I live in a cheaper area away from population. I have space. A lot of listeners and people in general could do the same thing. This show is why your podcast is worth every cent. Again, thank you.

Submitted by War-A-Tron on

There are two main branches of the Vaccine in development
Imperial - using the traditional style of chopping up the virus to make in ineffective and then using that to build immunity
Oxford - Using a genetically modified virus that looks like this coronavirus so the recipient can gain immunity to potential mutations.

None of these are guaranteed to work.

Both are being manufactured in high volumes(hundreds of millions of doses) before the trials are over (so they are gambling a risk on the basis the trial is ok)

And finally - no solution to the real problem - stopping the next pandemic! (Be it swine virus, Bird Virus, Bat Virus etc). Until proper hygiene standards are applied globally, another virus will eventually arrive.

Submitted by TallTim on

You're SO right Tom.

I think the only way forward is having everyone "shelter in place" until there's a vaccine. If we get to 30, 40, 50% unemployed, well that's just the cost. Social distancing should be applied at all times in every confined space.

Cars should be redesigned to allow passengers to be at least six feet away from the driver.

When walking, everyone should be in one of those rolling bubbles like these --

It only makes sense. Even if people get evicted from not paying their rent, well, that's just the cost for being super-cereal safe.

Forget restaurants, bars, stadiums, sports, and fucking is off the table.

That's just the price we have to pay Tom -- and I know you totally agree.

Shut it all down.

The only way forward is to be in perpetual fear for our lives.

(Or we could just get on living, just like we did during the other pandemics in the 1900's)

Submitted by MeHowik on

I love you Tom. I've been listening to you for over 30 years. So many things I agree with, and there's other things that I don't. That doesn't mean I still don't respect your opinion. If we were to stay-at-home until everything was safe for us to go outside, we would never leave home again. If you really cared about listeners, you'd be telling us not to get into our vehicles, because more people are going to die from a car accident this week ( and in the future) than Covid. That is a fact. I go back to 2015 and 2016 when you said over and over again, dozens upon dozens of times, that Trump would NEVER get elected! NEVER! Won't happen, Forget about it! You were adamant about it. Well, that was proven wrong. Just like some of the things that you're saying now will be proven wrong. It's okay. No one can be right 100% of the time. If you're scared, stay home. Others will go out and prosper. Others will go out & be killed by a stray bullet, or by a cop kneeling on their neck, or from Covid, or from a myriad of any other diseases. Life isn't easy and by design, it's a risk. All of us are going to die. It's simple science. Just getting into a car and driving down the highway we're putting ourselves at risk of being killed. In fact, even more of a risk than going to a beach without a mask and no social distancing. Every decision we make is Price vs Value. Pain vs. Pleasure. I wouldn't call others stupid if they value their freedom, their livelihood, their careers, their income, feeding themselves and paying their bills over the price of a 2% chance of dying from a virus.

Submitted by TallTim on

... and its sad to see. I used to believe it when he said he was impartial and balanced in past shows, but now it seems that Trump's name tumbles out during every single podcast practically.

I wasn't wild about Obama, but I didn't go around shouting about it and driving my friends crazy with it. I can disagree with someone without them dominating my thoughts.

Maybe after the election cycle it will change, but for now I just expect him to ramble about it, even though it isn't relevant to the topic at hand. Such is life...

Submitted by tripvan on

Agreed, Tom you're amazing. I subscribed to you for your advice about women + life + money and I loved the content and Gary+Dino and the callers and even those long-lost segments with Adam Sachs. Tom even did us the biggest favor by getting us to be wary of the financial market long before any clear signs of a downturn began. I don't want this to be seen as criticism but as an observation. This mission creep into political/scientific commentary is getting rather long in the tooth (as MeHowik stated the political has been going on for a while now), and frankly the last thing I want to listen to right now is more repetitions of trump-bad/coronavirus-will-kill-you. It's everywhere, on every news channel, on every social media site, I get it - these are the most pressing issues of our time - but please find some other talking points that your audience will catch and cotton on to. We know your opinion when it comes to Trump - it's already been drilled into our brains. We are thirsty for more information about your life, to know more about you as a person, more about your history, more advice about women and stories of men doing stupid things with/for women without thinking about the consequences. We're all thrilled that you decided to keep recording new shows, and many of your new podcasts are quite excellently touching on all these points (I especially loved the time-travel ep with Little Richard), but please realise any further repetition of CV/Trump issues you've already brought up will only further divide and drive more listeners away.

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as someone who has finally recovered from COVID19, I can tell you Tom is doing the right thing by talking about it. You might think you're tired of hearing about it, but obviously, people AREN'T hearing enough of the warnings given how stupid they're acting. And, I might add, I was very careful - been working from home since March. wore a mask every time I did go to get supplies. Didn't go anywhere but simple grocery shopping. Yet, I'd see morons without masks, and try as I might these fuckers still move into your space - I'd move away as fast as I could. And, I still got sick. So, you might think this isn't a big issue but it is. I didn't get super sick but, took me three weeks to beat it and my boyfriend spent a night in hospital, as he got really sick. it's fuckin scary and listen to Tom. This is NOT over and too many people are being morons and it comes from the top - NO LEADERSHIP from the White House.

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Say what you want - we know what we should do - anyone who doesn't is living under a rock, especially anyone who listens to this show. We're just starting to get sick of hearing it all over and over again like as if there's nothing better to talk about or think about. There's a point when you just have to realize there are people out there who will never listen and let it be - I think Tom's conflicted feelings episode (Jun-13) highlights this incredibly well.