Mar 21st, 2020 | In the News

WHILE LIFE AS WE KNOW IT HAS BEEN COLLAPSING AROUND US, four US Senators, who were privately briefed in advance of the severity of the coronavirus epidemic, apparently used the information to sell millions of dollars of stocks before the stock markets began to crash! Illegal? Insider trading? Listen and you be the judge!

Here is the scoop from Tom's guest, journalist Robert Faturechi of Propublica.

NPR obtained a secret tape of Senator Richard Burr on February 27th, 2020 cluing in big contributors about what was coming while Donald Trump and his supporters were calling the then-coming pandemic "a hoax". Burr later sold off his stocks in 33 separate transactions before the stock markets actually crashed.

Here's even more from TheHill.comFour senators sold stocks before coronavirus threat crashed market.

Propublica is doing amazing reporting now that so many newspapers and radio stations have given up on actual journalism. Tom supports Propublica and donates as well. If you want more journalism like this, here's how to support this nonprofit organization and this great work.

NPR is also so valuable at this time when we need true facts and information the most. Here's how to support NPR.

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Submitted by mwkirlin on

It pisses me off, yes, but it is in no way shocking. I would combine this story with one I sent you about Mitch McConnell requesting older, conservative judges to retire now in order to stack the judiciary with even more hyper-conservative judges. The way to keep this from being criminal is to stack the judiciary. Thank you, Propubica for your work, and thanks to Rolling Stone for also being a consistently independent agency that breaks these stories. That is where I read about it. I am adding Propubica to my twitter feed.

Submitted by TallTim on

I'm not surprised, in the least.

Any system will be gamed, and if you have power and influence doing so is much easier. They should be charged, but we know they won't be. I think I even read somewhere that Congress in general have some exemptions to this, but I'm not certain.

Bottom line, yes they did something ethically wrong but won't get any legal blowback from it. The worst that could happen I guess is the voters rise up and boot them out. But they still have their profits, so it doesn't change anything really.

Just learned I'm going to be in lockdown until the end of April apparently. That's going to be a pain in the ass, to say the least. This fucking Wuhan Flue bullshit, if the Chinese weren't such fucking liars it could've been headed off a lot sooner -- or so I'm reading.

Just generally pissed off, Tom. Oh, and look forward to these politicians using the crisis to enact some restrictive bullshit --- its their natural reaction to an opportunity like this.

Submitted by padres74 on

Tom, need you for your analysis during this socio-politico drama. Tell folk about the costs and rewards of this thing.

Submitted by Faithful LIstener on

Remember, Congress exempted themselves from insider trading laws. Another example of the dramatic disconnect between the government, and the governed. The cumulative effect of this mindset is frightening.

Submitted by the ugly truth on

You're close Tom, but not quite . Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Richard Burr (R-N.C.) are both in deep swamp participation. This one key fact of these two and Inhofe are clear indicators that something suspicous is a foot. Both participated in the illegal counter inteligence Gang of 8 Inteligence committee participation at the upper levels of SpyGate and the fraudlent Mueller coverup and treason and the lead up to the distraction Impeachment.... then immediatly following this comes into play taking over all societal interactions to put an end to HUGE crowds for The President .

Unfortunatly the Senate and Congresional members are allowed ( how we let this crap continue is the question of the day), to use the insider information. However with enough push back collectivly can push for the regulation of their contract so that its removed PERMANENTLY.

Burr and Fienstien both cannot be trusted and are completly opposite side of President Trump, and have been found to have committed plently of crimes many directed at the President illegally.

BUT "We The People" WE CAN CHANGE their ability to conspire and steal and manipulate policy and also profit off not only direction and also participation with no money down, just bend the way the lobbiest contracted to get it done and bam. you got shares and guaranteed profits and also up to the second sell off information for shady insider information.

President Trump is not involed in that, but is absolulty aware of the swamp creatures especially the truely evil ones like Burr and Fienstien.Not to worry The President Needs "We The People" to decide the corruption ends and will make it happen, but we the people must act and motivate direction.

Ironically THEHILL is so horrific at reporting they purposfully overlooked the past, all half ass work.