Jan 30th, 2020 | In the News

PEOPLE WHO KEEP BRINGING UP THE RAPE ALLEGATION AGAINST KOBE BRYANT So many of us continue to feel the pain of Kobe Bryant's untimely death. But some people just can't stop bringing up the 2003 sexual assault allegation that followed Kobe ever since. Can we just feel bad about Kobe's death without this never-proven allegation rearing its ugly head?

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Several things: 1. As Tom states, he was never convicted. And, unlike many of the "Me Too" accused, he never had multiple accusations leveled against him. 2. Sexual dalliance? Yeah, he admitted to as much but obviously, his wife forgave him, their marriage lasting until his death. I'd say, it's none of our business. It was between them, and they worked it out. 3. People saying we shouldn't be sad about his untimely death (sick in my view) but at least, what about his 13-year-old daughter? She never had charges against her - can't you at least mourn her tragic passing (and, there were 7 others too!) 4. For all you haters out there, after the Colorado incident, Kobe went on to be a huge advocate for women's basketball, the WNBA and women's issues in general. The guy made a mistake (over 15 years ago!) . I'm an atheist but, sometimes there are some good phrases in Ye Old Bible - apropos here would be the one about casting stones - you morons!

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