Nov 26th, 2019 | In the News

THOSE POOR HOLLYWOOD ASSISTANTS HAVE TO WORK SO HARD! You have no idea how hard life is for all the talentless hacks who arrive in Los Angeles and want to get paid to become Darlene Love's or Downtown Julie Brown's personal assistants! And now some Hollywood producers and writers say they want to DO something about this travesty!

Here's the Los Angeles Times story that started it all.

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Submitted by TallTim on

You're right Tom, if there wasn't such a large supply for this particular job, then the pay wouldn't be so low. Also, I didn't see any reference to where these people did their due diligence and figured out what they were stepping into.

I'm sure there were other stories they could've encountered and decided whether that sacrifice was worth it or not. But it seems they didn't, so now they are paying the consequences. I cracked up when you started in with the "boo hoo" bit, haha.

Keep it going Tom, good stuff.