Nov 16th, 2019 | In the News

SCHOOL SHOOTINGS AND "TOXIC MASCULINITY" Another school shooting, this time, north of Los Angeles. And more searching for answers. Here's what a woman on Twitter wrote:

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Submitted by Liberation95 on

This woman is full of crap! There were school shootings long before those idiots coined the term "toxic masculinity", I can't believe anyone would use this tragedy in order to spread awareness of this term and turn men into bigger pussies than the male gender has already been turned into! Women need to stop blaming men for everything, and take some fucking responsiblity!

Submitted by xboxown on

I think women should continue blaming men for everything, I am used to this narrative. It also helps me not wanting to get married. This is great! The more women get used to blaming men for everything, the more men find women off putting, the less men wanting to get married, the less women themselves find a husband. I am ok with this narrative. I have always said it and will say it again, if women want an all female society they can have it. They can be in toxic femininity, worship their vagina, their pussy if they want. I will not stop them worshiping their filthy private part. Majority of your womenfolk, you Americans, are lesbians by the way. If all you men, including Tom Leykis, was to be pulled from America and America is 100% pure female, they will be happy the women. 98% of them will not miss you and they will cannibalize each other, lick each other's pussy, fuck each other, and worship each other. They will live happily ever after.

The only question I have for the American men is, why are you even bother dating their filthy, lesbian man-hating dykes is beyond me? Why are men intimidated when omen say they don't need men. The biggest question I have is why are men's masculinity and existence and worth are linked into women's approval and having women needing them is beyond me? If it is power you think you will lose when women say they don't need you, let me tell you already, you already lost it long time ago. The worst have happened. It is not going to get any better time soon. The rules have been changed and it will not return back like the old days.

Men need to wake up and smell the reality. If you want to be a protector and maintainer of group of human being maybe you should look into yourself and be protector and maintainer of little boys who are starving for the male figure, male energy and male role model. You want to cut down in the shooting then start being fathers of sons and start treating your sons justly. I know men have this...special heart for their little daughters? Maybe it is time you take more toward your little daughters and put it toward your sons. Your daughters are getting too much of you and your sons are getting too little of you. There are a complete unbalance here. Raise healthy men, men, raise strong men who SERIOUSLY do not need women for anything. Not even sex. Who do not need women for her intelligence, who do not need women for her beauty, for her attention, for her love for anything (they just seriously do not need women period). Have men adopt boys to raise them into strong men.

If women scream in front of your face and you can smell her breath that she does not need you, simply reply, "Oooof! Your breath stink! Ever thought of eating some mint before shoving your Carbon Dioxide breath on your face!" Put your headphone set on, smile, walk on and ignore her. If she touches you or does physical harm at you, call the police. Let her hit you, rip your cloth, protect your face, until the police shows up. She will point at you and say "OH POLICE! HE BEAT ME! ARREST HIM!" have the police arrest you. Get a lawyer and say nothing to the police. Let the lawyer check to see she was not physically harmed but you where. Then sue her butt off, if you must to make a point cross.

Submitted by TallTim on

The current climate that men find themselves in. In this matriarchal-dominated society, it isn't any wonder that young men that were on the edge are being pushed over it -- and they act out with violent results.

You shit on someone long enough, the less stable among them will snap. That is what happened here, I'm guessing. A decade or more ago this wouldn't be a problem, and indeed as Tom mentions we didn't have these kinds of things many years ago.

But they continue to blame Men, they continue to ramp up the pressure to wipe every trace of testosterone from society.

It is likely to end in the biggest backlash/shitstorm you've ever seen. First the marginal guys get set off, then as it continues even the more reasonable and level-headed guys will say "enough".