Oct 14th, 2019 | In the News

THE TRUTH ABOUT TYLER SKAGGS is exactly what we said here previously and even worse.  And we don't even know everything about who knew about the Angels pitcher's drug habit before he choked on his own vomit and died in a Texas hotel room. But, as Tom points out, there are several things we now do know, and one of them is that your hero wasn't exactly the poor, innocent, fun-loving guy you were led to believe!

Here is ESPN's original scoop about the Angels employee who may have procured drugs for Tyler Skaggs.

Here is the Orange County Register's story about the statement from the Angels employee who says he did drugs with Skaggs.

More on the story from the Wall Street Journal.

Hear our original episode from almost three months earlier, laying out what appears to have been the truth, almost three full months before the ESPN story. (Tom got a lot of heat for this one!)

Hear our August 30, 2019 episode after the overdose news originally came out.

Did Tyler Skaggs deserve the hero's treatment he received when he overdosed? What should the Los Angeles Angels do about his memory going forward? Tell Tom: tom@blowmeuptom.com.



Submitted by Daniel Klock on

Sure as hell don't know of any other source of unvarnished, informed straight-talk that cuts through the fuckin' fog like you, Tom. Well done, sir!

Submitted by TallTim on

Its all about the money.

They want to protect a legacy so they can crank out some memorabilia and have "honor" games and "tributes" to the fallen. They don't care why it happened, or the method. Only one rule exists - monetize the shit out of what happened at every opportunity.

So he was a junkie? They'll stuff that shit down the memory-hole faster than you can say "Play Ball !".

Submitted by cpk on

glad you mention all of these lawsuits against the big pharma companies. I'm not lover of big pharma but, all of these AGs suing because now there are a bunch of affluent white folks on opiods is disturbing on so many levels. A. many of these states, (Oklahoma comes to mind) are right-wing states who don't believe in the state helping folks in any way, until the problem blows up and now they have a public health crisis on their hands. Now, they don't have the budget. So they make someone else pay for it. I thought GOP folks were laissez-faire, let business do what it wants? B. no one cared when it was mostly inner-city people of color strung out on H. Now that it's white folks, it's a tragedy. Lastly, where the f does this end? Close to 50,000 Americans die from alcohol abuse. should we be suing Jim Beam and Budweiser? Obesity kills and is costing our health care system millions upon millions ( increased diabetes, heart disease etc) Should we step up lawsuits against Doritos (PepsiCo) MacDonalds and Arbys?