Aug 12th, 2019 | In the News

SHOULD WE "INVEST" IN PROFESSIONAL WOMEN'S TEAM SPORTS? That's the opinion of professional women's soccer players and some sports columnists. Is the reason we don't care about women's team sports because we're a nation of misogynists? Or, because private companies such as ESPN aren't being politically correct by doing their part to promote women's team sports?

Here is Arash Markazi's column in the Los Angeles Times that sparked this episode.

Here are the actual attendance figures for the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL). (Bring your microscope!)

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Submitted by TallTim on

If no one cares, no one pays, and everything else doesn't fall into place.

You're right Tom, why should anyone subsidize these people? A lousy 6k average attendance? Get the fuck outta here. Lets face it, women themselves don't give a shit about women in sports or else this would be a viable business.

Good one Tom, made me chuckle.

Submitted by alrantel on

Yes those who obsess about funding womens’ sports are like a cult in that they cannot point to any financial gain to be had by anybody but they want it because they worship it for other reasons. Political correctness, guilt, or they have thrown in the towel because (if they are men) they have been NAGGED to the point of capitulation. Love it, Tom!

Submitted by tannydavid on

If there's no market for it, fold it. End of story. Same thing with all of those useless cable channels that few people watch and nickel and dime you to death, but that's another subject.