Aug 1st, 2019 | In the News

THE RESULTS OF GILLETTE"S CAMPAIGN AGAINST MEN ARE IN Actions have consequences! As we discussed in early 2019, Gillette, a division of one of the world's largest conglomerates, Procter & Gamble, took what many called a bold step, taking aim at the very people who buy their products. And how did America's men react? Well, according to the latest financial results, the reaction was "the best a man can get".

This is the story that Tom referenced on this episode.

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Submitted by TallTim on

The brainiacs at Gillette must be confused over this one. Demonize your target audience, and they'll shun your products.

I love cases like these, puts another nail in the virtue-signaling coffin. Fuck yeah.

Submitted by Wyllie23 on

Check out the likes/dislikes numbers for the original commercial from January on YouTube as they stand today; 797,000 gave it a thumbs up versus 1.5 MILLION that gave it a thumbs down!

Submitted by lionking36 on

Fuck those assholes. I celebrate the fact that some genius who hates men had to clear out her desk today. Take your crying, screeching, "large and in charge" fat ass down to the unemployment office and tell them how you wrecked the car and now how your name is synonymous with failure and stupidity.
Who are they to wave a finger and get on a soap box to indirectly blabber about "... throughout history women were repressed by men". They better shape up and learn that contempt for your patrons will get you canned. This monumental act of stupidity got 'em were it counted, the bottom line.
I've grown a full beard since this shit started and I'm saving a bundle because I refuse to and never will buy personal Gillette products.
Fuck those assholes.

Submitted by Bhans82 on

I have been a customer of dollar shave club for going on five years and they are not just affordable but their blades are quality and last a very long time. they recommend that you change them weekly but they last me for two weeks. I pay about 7 bucks (including shipping) every two months. Just wanted to give my input on how good Dollar Shave Club is thanks Tom