Jul 29th, 2019 | In the News

FACTS ABOUT THE "OPIOID CRISIS" CONTINUE TO POUR OUT The Washington Post is doing fine work exposing who is behind the explosion of available opioid pills in this country. Trillions spent. Millions in prison. Tens of thousands dead every year. What can we do about this? And, more importantly, what should we do about this?

Little-known makers of generic drugs played central role in opioid crisis, records show -- The Washington Post

Ending the War on Drugs: By the Numbers -- The Center for American Progress

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Submitted by macspectrum on

i has a friend who was a 'higher up' in the pharmaceutical industry and he aid the amount of any fine levied against the amounted to a 'parking ticket' when compared w/ the profit they made so until members of the board start going to spend years in jail nothing will change