Jul 22nd, 2019 | In the News

DEADBEAT NATION: FIRST EPISODE Creeping deadbeatism has become such a national phenomenon, it deserves its own segment. In this episode, a Pennsylvania school district causes an uproar when it demands overdue payment of more than $22,000 for student breakfasts and lunches that were eaten, yet the parents never paid. The district is threatening to put the kids of deadbeat families into foster care and to feed them nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if they don't pay up. They're calling it "lunch shaming". Can you imagine? Offering taxpayer-subsidized low-cost hot meals on credit to deadbeat parents and then actually expecting them to pay for what their kids have eaten? The nerve!

Click here for the CNN story that originally set Tom off.

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Submitted by TallTim on

It blows my mind Tom, these people don't have a leg to stand on but you know they're the first to complain when confronted with their deadbeat ways.

What the fuck. I pay my bills, I pay off my debts, my credit rating is stellar because I work hard to keep it that way. I don't get the mindset of taking something and not paying. These parents need to be taken to claims court or something, just to have a mark on their record so lenders know they're a bad risk.

No one wants to work for it anymore, everyone is out for the quick and easy buck. It disgusts me.

Submitted by Liberation95 on

I can't believe these parents who can't afford to pay for their own kid's food! If these parents can't afford to pay, then don't have these damn children! I realized long ago that if I can't take care of myself, I can't take care of another person. Here's the solution for the schools: the children should not be allowed to continue to the next grade if the parents don't pay. That's the REAL Lunch Shaming: showing pictures of every student that have to be held back because their parents are DEADBEATS. I'm in support of the schools' actions, but they need to be more aggressive! You know our taxes are gonna go up to pay for this shit...

Submitted by Kelvinator on

Thanks to the earnin app I can afford to buy my kid a school lunch. Earnin, the app for deadbeats.