Jun 5th, 2019 | In the News

DID TWITTER FOUNDER JACK DORSEY BUY HIS 23-YEAR-OLD MODEL GIRLFRIEND A HOUSE? Looks that way! Is it good for you to be buying things or paying bills for fuck buddies or girlfriends or wives? Many of you sent this story to Tom wondering what he would think. You were right to wonder. 

Here is the story from 50 Cent's website, including photos.

This is (purportedly) the house that Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey (purportedly) bought for his model girlfriend.

Do you believe in buying things like houses or cars for your girl? How about paying for her rent, her groceries or her mobile phone? Tell Tom why: tom@blowmeuptom.com.



Submitted by IAN THE PAIN BE... on

maybe she has something on him ! or he is just a sad lad with loads of money ! just throwing it out there . keep it up TOM

Submitted by TallTim on

No roast beef sandwich is worth millions.

That idiot could have any chick he wanted and not have to pay a fucking thing. Its just like Elon Musk, he got involved with some stupid broad and she hosed him. What is it with the tech guys, they're smart but they don't have a clue about Leykis 101.