Jun 3rd, 2019 | In the News

ONCE AGAIN, GILLETTE TELLS ITS CUSTOMERS WHAT TO THINK It's one thing when a brand uses advertising to tell you to buy their products and why. But how do you feel when brands tell you how you should think and act? Once again, the marketing chief of Gillette thinks it's the job of conglomerates to take stands, even if they fly in the face of what customers who buy their products already think. Is this a good idea?

Take a look at the video Tom discusses in this episode.

Here is a story about the Gillette transgender video and the reaction to it.

Here is a story that includes comments from Gillette's North American brand director Pankaj Bhalla.

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Submitted by retepm on

I agree 100% Tom. I also stopped buying Gilette products after their first man hating commercial. I also saw a product at the local supermarket that said, 'women owned' and I put it back on the shelf, because the last thing I want to do is finance these women groups who are trying to take all men down!

Keep up the good work Tom!

Submitted by xboxown on

They are actually hurting women and not men. You all fooled into thinking they are hurting men where in fact they are destroying women. They are making women lesbianism, they are confusing women into thinking they are men, they are making women non-marriage material, they are turning women into men and they are perverting the nature of women to hate men. As far as I am concerned they are also showing the world how a woman cannot run a country and the country will go in flames if handed to women by women themselves making a fool of themselves and everyone else around them.

So I say, let Gilette do whatever they do.,

Submitted by TallTim on

Trannies are mental patients that need help. Not the kind of "help" Gillette is giving them, by acting its normal to dope yourself up with hormones and turn your dick into a sad replica of a vagina.

Gillette can chortle my balls, they're never getting any money from me ever again.

Submitted by THUNDERBIRD3 on

All companies do a cost/benefit analysis before taking a position, this is purely about increased profits for the company. That said, If I were back in the sixties and a company refused to do business with the Jim Crow south, I would probably support them, even though their motive was not altruistic. Nike supported Kapernick, Disney, Netfliks, are considering pulling production out of Georgia because of the ridiculous Abortion Law. These companies are out to make profit, but if they can do some good on the way to improving the spreadsheet, and their stock prices, its all good. I will buy my blades from Harrys but I may buy Proctor & Gamble stock IF the stock performs well and its has a good cause.

Submitted by Nobody of note on

Of all the companies, celebrities, athletes, journalists, media outlets out there and all the opinions they try to shove down my throat on an hourly basis, there is only one opinion that matters to me. And I pay the person behind that opinion 20 dollars a month for the privilege of hearing it. The owner of that opinion has demonstrated he has the experience, intelligence, and frankness to be taken seriously when he says something, and speaks about things that matter to me. That's a rare combination to find outside my own personal circles and is seriously undervalued at 20 dollars a month.

On a side note, it does kinda suck to live in a place eight hours from the nearest Costco. Oh well. I've always wanted to try out the Dollar Shave Club.

Submitted by HKG01 on

...I'll never touch or buy your products ever again. I will not be lectured to by Gillette, or any corporate entity.

Me and my 'toxic' masculinity are doing just fine, thank you. Gillette and all the females on board with this BS can blow me.

Thank you Tom for speaking out on this. You're awesome.

Submitted by TallTim on

Kinda funny that nearly every woman-run biz ends up screwing the pooch, right?

Not surprised in the least this basic bitch is making moves that is fucking her company up.