May 20th, 2019 | In the News

CHRISTIAN MAJOR LEAGUE BALLPLAYER BOOTS HIS CHRISTIAN POP STAR WIFE ALLEGING "INAPPROPRIATE MARITAL CONDUCT" Chicago Cubs second baseman Ben Zobrist filed for divorce from his Christian pop star wife Julianna Zobrist contending that his wife "has been guilty of inappropriate marital conduct which renders further cohabitation impossible," which, we guess, means that he claims that she's been screwing around while Ben has been out there earning a massive paycheck, telling everyone what great Christians they are, and how you should be one too.  What does this teach us about marriage, "love" and religion? Here, Tom sets everything straight!

Click here for the video Tom talks about.

In this episode, Tom refers to this article about the Zobrists' pending divorce.

In this piece, Ben Zobrist refers to himself as a "missionary to baseball" before we all found out what was really going on at his house.

Click here to see how you can hire Julianna Zobrist to lecture your group about how "to express the joy and freedom of knowing that Christ gives them the strength to be bold, fearless, and confidently vulnerable knowing that you don’t have to measure up to what others think of you but rather, knowing your true strength can shine because of who you are in Christ." That is, when she isn't busy being accused of "inappropriate marital conduct".





Submitted by macspectrum on

just as the IPO stock salesman said; "pump n dump"

Submitted by TallTim on

Doesn't matter if you're a movie star or a baseball champ. Once she gets that "itch" you're over, pal.

Its just your turn. Treat her accordingly.

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Tom that episode was fvcking awesome. Really, really enjoyed it. Puts a lot of things into perspective.