Apr 10th, 2019 | In the News

MAGIC JOHNSON QUITS without even telling his boss, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss! Everyone who lives in Southern California loves Earvin for all the fun of winning five Laker championships, but what does his resignation tell us about his work as a sports executive? The Lakers' TV channel won't tell you. The Lakers' radio station doesn't want to rock the boat, so they won't tell you. The other sports radio station in LA wants to carry the Laker games when the current deal is up so they won't tell you. But Tom will!

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Submitted by landon101 on

Is ole Laker Chris a subscriber? I wonder what his take on this is lol. That was always funny listening to you put him in his place on the Lakers.

Submitted by Venavi1994 on

I could not download this new episode about the lakers! Please can you help me ? Thanks

Submitted by jay3183 on

He owned 125 Starbucks franchises not one. They reported higher than average per capita sales. The partnership with Howard Schultz called urban coffee opportunities was sold back to Starbucks in 2010 after a twelve year partnership.

Magic Johnson enterprises has a net worth of 700 million supposedly.

I don’t think the lakers demise is all of Magic’s fault. I definitely think he is culpable but the lakers as a WHOLE in terms of how it’s run as a organization is a complete JOKE ! After dr buss died they are still operating as if its the1980s . They are terrible in scouting, finance , analytics and obviously execution.

I definitely think magic deserves blame but the lakers franchise to its core is ROTTEN ! It also doesn’t help when Jeanie buss the lakers owner has a twitter profile of her being half nude! Who will take her seriously??? I mean for god sakes Kurt rambis’s wife is working in the lakers organization!

JEANIE BUSS NEEDS TO GO , you have to tear down the whole structure! Destroy and Rebuild!