Dec 5th, 2018 | In the News

"IT'S LIKE SAYING YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" gals who work at KMart are angry because its parent company, Sears Holdings, Inc., is going broke and laying people like them off "leaving us with nothing". What do Sears and Kmart actually owe soon-to-be-former employees?

Here is the article that Tom used to prepare for this episode: Laid-off Sears workers left with nothing – and they say wealthy bosses are to blame.

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Submitted by TallTim on

There's two things at work here:

1.) She's displaying the classic trait of women not being accountable for their actions. No, it isn't their fault they popped out a few kids, it isn't their fault they work in a barely-above-minium-wage job. No sir! Its EVERYONE elses fault. Completely idiotic.

2.) Sears has mismanaged their empire into the ground. Its interesting the C-Suite Execs get full packages to bail on the sinking ship, but there's nothing illegal about that. It all circles back to being prepared, because if you sit there wondering when someone is going to save you -- you're not going to do too well in life.

If you're barely making it, and believe me, I've been there - you HAVE to have at least ONE month of expenses set aside. Even when I was earning the least amount possible, I still was able to have a buffer because I didn't spend my money on frivolous bullshit.

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