Dec 4th, 2018 | In the News

A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR DEALING WITH THE #MeToo MOVEMENT some people think that doofus Mike Pence came up with this solution. But Your Professor has been telling you this has been coming for 20 years now!

Here's the piece Tom used to prepare for this show: Wall Street Rule for the #MeToo Era: Avoid Women at All Cost.

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Submitted by TallTim on

You are absolutely right Tom. That fund manager that said the "secret" was "not be an asshole" is a fucking idiot. What MeToo has done has made it so men have to be mind-readers. Well, I'm not a telepath, I don't have special psychic powers to know if a woman is going to find an innocuous anecdote offensive, or if I say something the "wrong way" I'll get put into the "lets fuck with this guy" mental bin.

Its makes more sense to treat it like it is - a virulent disease, where any woman can say ANYTHING and impact your career, your life, and your money. No one should have that kind of power, but in this society and how the laws are stacked against men, they do.

Let me tell you, I make sure any interaction I have with someone is either out in the open or in some cases, recorded. Because I can't trust these women, and neither should anyone else.

Good show Tom, keep 'em coming!

Submitted by dare-all on

this is good news knowing that other people are getting fed up with this crap. I have been doing this at work but sadly the woman manager I have wouldn't take "no" for an answer then blew up one day. She told me that she is going to make me talk to her and that people who don't talk to their managers end up getting fired. I reported this to HR and sadly two weeks after that I was retaliated against and presented with a final warning disciplinary action for behavior >:( All this just because I told her that I only come here for work, this place is not Facebook for me and i would not answer any personal questions which had nothing to do with work directly.

I don't care, I still will not give in to her desires so when she has tried to come talk to me I just ignore her and keep walking

thank you for keeping this in the spotlight, it's a good reminder to stay focused at work

Submitted by vargas37 on

Great show ,and it should be a reminder for all men in the workplace ,today. I would like to add something that wasn't talked about. I've had it happen to me twice. As someone who works in a mostly male workplace (car dealer),I've seen women who work there love the attention for mostly married men. They love it. And me,a listener since 2004, know better . These women cannot stand it when I don't fall for what I call their 'pussy spell'. They cannot stand when I'm not falling all over them,giving them attention. I worked with a girl who purposely wore very tight pants . Pants that were so tight you could see the camel toe. She would purposely lean back when men were around and show off the toe. So it does happen.