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POOR POOR BRENDA 29-years-old, living in a cheap, filthy San Fernando Valley motel room with her four kids who can't get to school because Brenda can't get them a ride. Do you feel sorry for her and her kids? Decide for yourself!

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Submitted by Ray500 on

This is a classic case for mandatory reversible female sterilization! Why is this woman along with 4 kids without any means of support? Totally insane!

Submitted by thomasj on

She's got a pretty nice phone with a stylus to be so poor, and she spends a lot of time on it. Seems she's out on Tinder looking for kid number five. Too bad, thanks to Tom there's a lot less "Captain Save-A-Hos" around now. She needs a job where she can work for some feminist cunts that think women can do no wrong. Hmm, maybe AOC is hiring...

Submitted by macspectrum on

too many women think having kids is their way out of poverty when the exact opposite is true and the real victims here are the children
the kids should be removed from her custody as one could argue that saying w/ her is a form of abuse

from an effing canadian

Submitted by thomasj on

CPS taking those kids just puts more of a strain on my tax dollar. I didn't father them. If she wants anything more from me I need some oral at least. Better yet, how about taxing the deadbeat dads? I'm all for men's rights, but your rights to father children supported by money out of my wallet are limited. I'd also be alright with CPS / some form of child care if they put her ass to work.

Submitted by suede_senator on

She deserves shame for the rest of her life for putting these kids through this. She should have her kids taken away from her. Her kids are going to resent when they get old enough to realize how much of a fuck up their mother is. Shame single mothers!

Submitted by xboxown on

Actually I don't feel sad....I feel.....happy. I feel relief. I want to literally hear genuine single mothers and their children suffering and there is no human at sight to help them up. I want to see them form a rally in the media and hear them bash men for been not man enough to take up the plate. I want to see them in opera and doctor phill. I want them to shout loud for the entire world to hear it and I want them to go full force arsenal at men and make men look the demon, horrible, useless gender that they think we are. I want them to go at max and add more max. I want them to go to the government and enforce new oppressive laws. I want them to beat men up and go psycho crazy. Why? Simple.

So other countries who are ruled by men will think twice when they say, "Women do better leaders than men!" or "If world run by women there will be peace and justice and harmony!" then can wait and see what life will be like when women are in full power. They will enforce patriarchal even more and become the very toxic masculinity that women in USA scream about! Another reason why I want this so the internal code that is implemented in men will finally be slowly screened out so that the 20% or 15% of men like Tom Leykis will increase in numbers and not only in numbers but unite to form it's own governed country as one. Women will be ever more left alone, which is what they want and seek. I like to see that.

If women right now demand to live on their own country without men...I believe in my all heart that they should have what they ask. I would love to build a wall in that country so no woman can get out of that country and they can form generation and generation of their own amazonian world. They can form their own culture. Their own society. Their own governed. They can seek the happy ever after and no doubt in my heart I believe they can do it on their own. I salute you ladies of your superior ability to live on your own without men! I salute you!



Please leave! Please leave us alone! Please go! I beg you - goes down to my knees - please leave us alone! Please go and form your own society! Please become lesbian. Please join the feminist cult! Please..please have all your daughters on your own and teach them to be strong, smart, independent woman who don't need a man and she can have it all! Please...I beg you....JUST TAKE YOUR MOUTH AND GO!!!!! I BEG YOU!

Submitted by TallTim on

I don't feel sorry for someone who makes bad decisions. Especially if they don't learn from past mistakes. Nobody made her have a bunch of kids, and when her fortunes changed, what the fuck is she doing having YET ANOTHER one? The one year old in the story? That is who I feel sorry for, and her other kids. They have an idiot for a mother.

Here's my read, she was a party girl hanging out with the neighborhood 'toughs' and then got passed around a few times. Now, aging horribly and not able to lock down a guy that will take care of her mistakes, she is now stooping so low as to ask the interviewer for her sob-story to drive her kids to school.

This is exactly why you don't get involved with single moms, and especially ones that have such poor impulse control they can't help but pop out kids like a vending machine.

Submitted by kyrios777 on

Can you imagine how much the taxpayers have paid for medical bills for birthing 4 children? $100,000 ???

Submitted by vargas37 on

It's so freakin sad that innocent children are the victims of stupid decisions of their 'parents' . Having children is the most important decision one can have,and shouldn't be taken lightly. Children come from one thing-FUCKING. It's not like getting cancer or that.

Submitted by Sonsofbitches on

Typical BS from the LA Times, itself a bankrupt business, many millions in the red. It's a communist, pinko rag, always tryin to garner sympathy for these bleeding heart topics.

The answer to today's question is: a resounding NO ! I do NOT feel sorry for this failed welfare recipient. Why do the lowest human trash always breed and reproduce like rats? All her offspring will end up in the criminal justice system as low life gang bangers who steal from hard working citizens, living off their EBT cards are clogging our crowded streets and freeways.

Interesting how the father of these little rats likes to donate his Hepatitis infected blood to the blood bank for a cookie and a couple bucks. I really hope I never need a transfusion because if the blood and plasma supply comes from meth-head, glue-sniffing, slutty bitch-fucking rats such as this guy, we are in big trouble!

I think it's almost time to bring in Soylent Green as the solution to this problem.