Oct 31st, 2018 | In the News

MY TEAM LOST! Angelenos are dealing with the Dodgers' second World Series loss in a row. But is this really the big deal people think it is? Do sports teams return all the love that we fanatic fans give them? Why do we care so much?

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Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

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Submitted by aaronreddick on

Yes! Nice addition for members to comment on direct segments!!!

My gut reaction to this segment would be that what if you HOPE that your local team won't win (again) like the SF Giants just so you don't have to deal with BART Delays, Traffic Jams, Co-workers off work that you need on team for ANOTHER PARADE, and my favorite SO I DON'T HAVE TO GET CAUGHT IN ANOTHER DAMNED RIOT just like the one when I was at a taqueria on Mission street by chance right before 'shit got REAL' back in 2012? See mission riots videos on Youtube.... Then what did those fuckers do in 2014 again? Destroy the goddamned city again!

That being said, I can only imagine what would happen in LA if they won. But I think that day is indeed coming.
PS love the shows where you question why the fuck do Raiders fans still support with all the city-skipping and moving.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

Thanks so much, Aaron!


Submitted by TallTim on

Glad you're doing podcasts after shuttering the live show. Been listening for a while, not as long as some, but always appreciate your humor and banter. Can't wait to see what comes next for you.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

Stay tuned, Tim!


Submitted by dare-all on

I don't give a crap who wins or loses, if I make the time to watch a game then I just want it to be interesting. Baseball already has a bad rap for being boring. The game I watched where the Dodgers were leading by 4 in the 7th was a good game. The Red Sox earned that win and it is too bad the Dodgers let that one slip through their fingers

Submitted by jtc on

I think the reason why MLB has these games go so long is because of the money they get with each commercial they air. So they game that went 18 innings 4 times the amount of revenue. Thats because a regular 9 inning game is made twice as long do to rule changes.

Submitted by jtc on

Hey Tom I enjoy the podcast! Just wanted to let Dodger fans complain about the loss that it could be worse. LA went from having no nfl football to two teams and the Lakers got Lebron. The Dodgers are sure doing better than the other 28 teams that didn't make the world series. I live in Phoenix and the Diamondbacks are about to trade everyone and rebuild. The Coyotes and Cardinals suck. ASU football sucks. And my favorite team the Suns are probably going to lose Devin Booker to free agency. So there are lots of worse cities to be a sports fan in.

Submitted by steve@stevenhal... on

I'm only bummed as I bet on the world series and lost $50 to my boss. .\O/ (stupid me)