Guest Interviews

Guest Interviews

WHO KILLED KROQ? Long one of the most popular Southern California radio stations and one of the most musically influential stations in the country, KROQ has now fallen off a cliff, having dropped to 29th place in the LA ratings. Shirley Halperin, Executive Editor of Music at Variety brings her music industry expertise to help Tom try to solve this radio mystery.

Here is Shirley Halperin's recent piece in VarietyIt’s the End of the World Famous KROQ as We Know It

Click here for Shirley's 2012 Hollywood Reporter interview with Tom.

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THE GRIM REAPER RETURNS...WITH COVID-19 BODY BAGS! You may recall this episode's guest from his previous appearance...when he roamed Florida beaches dressed as The Grim Reaper. Attorney/activist Daniel Uhlfelder returns to the beach...with COVID-19 body bags! Find out what happened and why he's so determined! 

Ted Cruz doesn’t want people shamed with body bags for going to beach: ‘Please stop the hate’

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TOM INTERVIEWS LITTLE RICHARD We're all so sorry to hear the news of the death of the inimitable Little Richard. But did you know that Little Richard once sat down for two hours with Tom? Here is that interview compressed into one solid hour.

Little Richard, Founding Father of Rock Who Broke Musical Barriers, Dead at 87



TOM SITS DOWN WITH THE GRIM REAPER When Tom saw The Grim Reaper, cudgel in hand, walking Florida beaches warning of the dangers of reopening the beaches too soon, he just had to find out more. Meet Daniel Uhlfelder, a Florida lawyer and campaigner for public beach access. His campaign has captured the imaginations of thousands of supporters and the ire of Florida's governor!

Read all about Daniel Uhlfelder as The Grim Reaper.

Daniel Uhlfelder's website.

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Call Daniel at (850) 534-0246.

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CORONAVIRUS: HERE COME THE SCAMMERS! Due to COVID-19, you're not driving very many miles right now. Should you have to be paying full price for your car insurance? Maybe you bought tickets to a cruise that was cancelled. Why won't the cruise companies give you a full refund? Los Angeles Times business reporter David Lazarus has these answers and more.

Coronavirus has created opportunities for, shall we say, quirky cures

Why isn’t car insurance cheaper as we all stay home?

No coronavirus refund but credit for a future cruise? Are you kidding?

When even the Girl Scouts can’t get a coronavirus refund, something’s very wrong

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DID GOD CHOOSE CHRISTIAN SMALLS TO SHUT DOWN AMAZON? He's 31 and a father of three. Until recently, Chris Smalls worked at the Amazon warehouse in Staten Island, New York. Then came COVID-19, and all hell broke loose. Hear how Chris became the talk of the news media as well as the political and labor worlds.

Learn more about Chris in this story from ForbesAmazon Worker Who Was Fired After Coronavirus Walkout Says He Is ‘Being Silenced’.

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TOM & GARY BACK TOGETHER Longtime Leykis producer and ten-year co-host of The Gary & Dino Show, Gary Zabransky, catch up with each other and talk about COVID-19, quarantine boozing, the anniversaries of their respective shows, and so much more!

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GUSTAVO ARELLANO Longtime Leykis regular guest, Los Angeles Times reporter Gustavo Arellano, returns to talk about everything that's going on in our quarantined world right now as well as everything that's happened in his life since bolting from his previous gig as Editor of OC Weekly.

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FORMER BE FUNNY STAR NOW ON THE CORONAVIRUS FRONTLINE Longtime Leykis listeners remember a regular caller named "Baker", a longtime P1 and creator of the Be Funny classic, New Normal Nights. Our boy is now fulfilling a very different role: he finished medical school and he's now in the thick of the coronavirus fight in New Jersey. Learn about COVID-19 from one of our own!<--break->


FAMED PSYCHOLOGY PROFESSOR GIVES HIS ANALYSIS OF TRUMP Haven't you always wondered what a mental health expert would say about the personality of our president? Tom talks to Professor Dan McAdams about what makes Donald Trump tick!<--break->

Read this story about Professor McAdams' analysis.

Get a copy of the book and read Professor Dan McAdams amazing analysis of Donald J. Trump for yourself.

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